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Best Semi-Automatic & Super-Automatic Espresso Machines-Reviews

Two cuts of ewspress with heart cookies

Best Automatic Espresso Machines

by Kathie FitzPatrick

So how do you find the best espresso coffee machine? There are many choices of home espresso machines out there.  The variety sometimes seems as vast as the stars in the sky. Well, perhaps not quite that vast!  But it is a bit confusing to say the least.  This article will review our top ten picks in the realm of Semi-Automatic and Super-Automatic Espresso Machines in order to help you determine the best automatic espresso machine for you.

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Warm up those Winter Days and Nights with SOUP!

Whether it’s a Dutch Oven…Make Soup…

… A Croc Pot … or A Big 6 quart pot…Make SOUP!

By Kathie FitzPatrick

There is something about a good bowl of home made soup . . . it seems to warm the body and soul and put a smile on your face every time! Whether it fills you up to go back to work at the office, back to school to face the test, or out to shovel the driveway, it makes lots of healthy fuel for the both the body mind and spirit!

White Lentil Soup With Bacon

Fill the chosen cooking vessel with about 3/4 water. Decide if you will use a small bag of white lentils or a large one depending on your pot. Use the water to lentil ration indicated on the bag.  Place one or two pork ham hocks in the pan, salt and pepper to taste. Add 1 diced onion and two or three chopped celery stalks, plus chose sliced carrots.  Let come to a boil, then simmer for about 3 1/2 hrs or until lentils are tender.  Serve with chopped fresh parsley and sprinkle with real crumbled bacon. Be sure you also serve your favorite hot bread and a salad. This makes a healthy, satisfying combination whether for lunch or dinner!

White Lentil Soup with Swedish meatballs

Make the white lentil soup with ham hock as described described above.  In large fraying pan make your Swedish meatballs, turning them often as you fry them for even results.

Swedish Meatballs

In large bowl combine 1 package of lean ground beef (1 or 2 lbs or so) with half the amount of ground pork sausage. Add 1/2 diced medium onion, 2 eggs, 1 cup breadcrumbs, salt and pepper to taste, 1/2 tsp nutmeg or so depending on your taste; mix well. Shape into small meat balls about 1 inch or so. Fry in pan with a small amount of olive oil coating the pan. When cooked through and through, drop into the pot of hot white lentil soup mixture. Serve with you favorite hot bread, real butter and green salad. Yummmm!

Italian Pasta Fajole

In a large iron pan with cover or Dutch oven, place chopped left over beef chuck roast or diced beef stew meat, and place in hot pan with a little olive oil. Stir in fresh or dry rosemary, and Italian seasoning of your choice or herbs from your garden such as Oregano and Thyme.  Let flavors cook into the meat.  Add five cups of water and one bag of dry mixed bean mix.  Then stir in 3 cups chopped canned tomatoes, Italian style if you can get them.  Salt and pepper to taste.  Bring to a boil then turn heat down to simmer for 4 or 5 hours.  Shortly before serving  pour into boiling mixture, 1 half bag pasta shells. Cook until tender about 9 minutes. Serve with joy, add hot sourdough or faoscia bread! Make green salad with Romain lettuce, spinach, tomato and artichoke hearts…and Italian dressing. This is a family recipe!


Easy Split Pea Soup

The simple recipe for this warm satisfying soup is as old as the hills, and then some! My grandma Elizabeth, on my Mom’s side,  who’s family did a homestead farm in Oklahoma, always had a pot of beans of some kind simmering on the stove.  Split pea is one of those easy, tummy warming ones!

Fill large pot with lid (or croc pot) about 2/3 or so with water. Place one or two ham hocks in it along with either a small or large bag of dry split peas.  Read the mix to water ratio on the bag.  Add a couple of chopped/sliced carrots, 1 diced onion, and a couple of stalks of chopped celery; salt and pepper to taste.  Bring to a boil then simmer 3-4 hours of until the split peas are tender, and liquefying into soup.  Serve with Honey corn bread and your favorite salad!


Quick Five Bean Chili

This is easy and quick! Decide on the amount you want to make. Say, using 2 lbs ground beef would be an average amount serving about 6 people.  In large frying pan cook the ground beef stirring frequently until thoroughly done.  Add salt and pepper to taste and about 3 TBS chili powder, or tailored to your taste.  Use the same frying pan with lid if large enough or transfer to a larger cooking pot with lid.

1 can white northern beans

2 cans pinto beans

2 cans kidney beans

1 can black beans

1 can of chipolte beans, or any other kind of beans you like that would be compatible with Chili.

1 can chopped tomatoes, Mexican style or plain

Use the liquid from the canned beans as a base.  Cook on medium heat for at least 30 min to 1 hour.   Simmer longer to let the flavors continue to release and mix well into the chili.  Shortly before serving add small slices or bits of sliced or chopped fresh green bell pepper.  Let cook barely through and through to keep crisp.

Five Bean Chili–a quick favorite!

Serve with Taco chips or your favorite bread.


Easy Chicken Soup

They say chicken soup is good for the soul, and everything else that ails you. This is probably true!

Basic Home made Chicken Soup

If you have just finished off a baked or roasted chicken, or even brought one home from the deli on the way home from work . . . you may be looking at the chicken carcass, that also made a few tasty sandwiches, thinking, “Now what? Is it time to toss it?”

No!  You can make delightful, warming chicken soup with the remainder, and you’ll be glad you did!

Place the chicken “carcass” in a croc pot or stewing pot, add water up to the three quarter point of the pot or so.  add salt and pepper, I chopped onion, 3 stalks chopped celery, and 2 chopped carrots.  Bring to a boil then let simmer 3 hours. This going to create a “base stock.”

From here decide which kind of chicken soup do you want?

Chicken rice – add 2/3 cup of rice to the boiling mixture.

Chicken vegetable: add your favorite variety of veggies such as potato, green bean, broccoli or other. You may wish to add additional  sliced carrots.

Chicken Curry: Add 1 tsp curry powder.

Chicken Oriental: Add 1 or two egg whites, stir until; add dried Chinese style mushrooms, diced fresh green scallions. Serve; make enough to freeze and enjoy another time!


Grandma Ruby’s Homemade Soup

Here is a simple and easy home made soup recipe sure to please!  Take a large beef bone and place in a large cooking pan with 5 to 6 cups of water.  Add chopped potatoes, 3 stalks chopped celery, 1 chopped onion, 3 large carrots, add salt and pepper to taste, 2 cans pinto beans, one can black beans, 1 can kidney beans. Stir in 2 small cans or one large can tomato soup.  Optional: add corn;  Add braised beef pieces. Bring to a boil, then cook for 4 hrs – 5 hrs. on medium heat until the soup looks well blended and the flavors and have released throughout! Add sage or thyme if desired.  Serve with honey cornbread.

Need some new soup making vessels?  See Dutch ovens here on shopgourmetkitchen.com.

See stainless steel pots:  click here to buy on Amazon:


Which are the Best Coffee Grinders?

Best Coffee Grinders for Espresso, Drip and French Press –

High Quality Selections You Must See

By Kathie FitzPatrick

You may wonder, what is the big deal with a coffee grinder?  Why is one much better over the other?  Apparently, there is quite bit to know about them! Let’s take a look at what elements make up the “Best Coffee Grinders,” and what are their best features. 

Roasted coffee beans ready for the grinder!

Buying a grinder of any type is a step in the right direction. It means that you’re buying your coffee beans whole and planning to grind them as needed. This is a huge step in the right direction because you just can’t beat the freshness and full-bodied flavor of freshly ground coffee.
Buying a coffee grinder means that you’ve elevated your game. You’re no longer a beginner when it comes to coffee. For most beginners, they start drinking coffee in any form that’s readily available. So they grab a cup at their local Dunkin’ Donuts, or anywhere else that sells coffee. At home, they tend to use the most widely advertised supermarket brands.
It’s only later that the true taste for “real” coffee develops. That’s when we tend to opt for the more robust flavor and an enhanced coffee experience.

For the coffee aficionado – you want the best available. This means buying coffee beans that satisfy your palette and give you that feeling of warmth and comfort with every sip. But to experience full-bodied flavor at its freshest, you need quality beans that are freshly-ground.

Therefore, to enjoy fresh, robust coffee on demand – at home or in the office – means you’ll need to have a coffee grinder of some sort.
There are basically three kinds: hand, blade, and burr grinders. The most basic is the hand grinder where you turn the crank and blend coffee beans (like a manual blender) into a consistency where it can be brewed.
The blade grinder is the most common type. You see these in big box stores and discount shops all over. That’s because they’re extremely inexpensive. But they’re not the best option because of the way they function. Blade grinders use a chopping action, which cuts the coffee bean into tiny grains. It chops the bean into a usable size for brewing.
The best type of coffee grinder by far is the burr grinder. This is what you see in every fine coffee shop and in the homes of serious coffee fans everywhere. Burr grinders use a set of steel (or ceramic) burrs to efficiently squeeze the coffee beans and grind them into a uniform consistency that provides the ultimate in freshness and flavor.

Can you tell a difference?

You will know the difference in the taste.

The more experienced you are as a serious coffee drinker, the more likely you are to distinguish the difference between pre-ground, blade ground, and burr-ground coffee from a quality machine.

In this article, my mission is to provide you with the today’s top choices of consumer grinders, favoured by the most discerning of coffee grinders. So it’s no surprise that all of the suggested models are in fact of the burr- grinding variety.

Baratza Sette 270 Conical Burr Coffee Grinder


The Baratza 270 Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Click here to buy this Baratza Sette 270 on Amazon

The Baratza 270 and Baratza 270W are two of the most popular coffee grinders on the market today. Made by one of the most respected and best-known brands in the industry, these slick machines feature a grind adjustment dial that is a combination of a “stepped” and “step-less” system that allows you to precisely control the grind. 

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The Breville Oracle BES980XL Espresso Machine

One of the best Semi -Automatic Espresso Machines–

The Breville Oracle BES980XL                          By Kathie FitzPatrick

The New Breville Oracle Espresso Machine..If you loved the Barista Express, you’ll love the NEW Oracle from Breville.


Breville BES980XL Oracle Espresso Machine, Silver

If you loved the Breville Barista Express, be sure to check out the new addition to the family of Breville espresso machines, the Oracle. This machine was created in the tradition of the Italian Espresso machine. Sturdy stainless steel, this is a beautiful machine for the serious espresso lover!

The Oracle automatically grinds, doses & tamps exactly the required amount of coffee for mess free, barista-quality espresso. The programmable hands-free milk texturing with automatic purge is a nice feature.

  • This machine has dual stainless steel boilers and dual Italian pumps with PID. The Boilers of the Oracle can be descaled by the user.
  • The One Touch Americano delivers water directly into the cup after extraction. This machine has 3 preset & 6 customizable settings.
  • This unit has programmable shot temperature from 190 Degree-205 Degree. Displays in either Degree F or Degree C
  • The product Dimensions: (L) 16¼” x (D) 15″ x (H) 18″ Weight : 35lbs

* * * *

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Best Top 10 Food Processors

Today’s 10 Best Food Processors – The Favorites

Fruits and vegetables ready for your favorite recipes

By  Kathie FitzPatrick

Food processors are probably the most useful kitchen appliance around today. While processors have been around for decades, the number of brands and models available today is truly astonishing. This can be a huge problem though if you’re looking to buy. With so many different choices – it can be confusing.
The purpose of this article is to simplify the process for you. Here is a sampling of the Top 10 Food Processors–the favorites.

I’m convinced that a food processor is most valuable kitchen appliance anyone can own. I often wonder how I ever got along without one. If you don’t yet share this sentiment, it’s likely that you soon will because owning your own quality food processor will simplify your kitchen life.
What makes food processors so helpful?

Food Processors make chopping vegetables for your favorite recipes so much easier.

Breville Sous Chef Food Processor – 16 cup

A food processor saves you enormous amounts of time. When you think of all the work you do in the kitchen to prepare a meal, where is most of your time spent? Chances are you spend most of your time doing prep work. It’s the kind of stuff the professional chefs don’t have time for – that’s why they hire assistants to do the grunt work for them.

Processors have come a long way. The first generation of food processors transformed the cooking experience. Today they’re even better at performing a much wider variety of functions. They chop, grate, shred, mix and dice . With the right blade, you can make dough for bread, pizza, pies – and more.

While most people use food processors to prepare vegetables and fruits, you can also use it to slice pepperoni, grate cheese, or even make your own breadcrumbs to top off a lasagna or casserole.

Food processors are amazing in their ability to prepare fresh homemade salsas, hummus, veggies for coleslaw and other salads. Plus, they’re a real time saver when making other things such as soups, dips, and sauces.

You can use a food processor to make your own curry paste, or to prepare incredible salads with finely chopped vegetables, or stews with a slightly larger cut.
You can even make your own nut butters and create healthy spreads. Chop fresh nuts to top off desserts – or to add to cereals or salads. You can also make homemade salad dressings that taste incredible are super fresh – without any additives.

The sky is the limit with a capable food processor like those below. The time they save you in the kitchen will make a huge difference in your meal preparation. You’ll be inspired to try new dishes because of the time saved with your new appliance.

Now let’s take a look at the top 10 food processors available.

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Smart Sayings Mugs for CRS Professionals

Introducing “Smart Sayings Mugs” for Professionals–

Certified Residential Specialists

You’ve done the extra work, and completed the advanced education through CRS.  Now you are officially a Certified Residential Specialist.  CRS is a nationally recognized designation that puts you a huge notch above the average professional in the Real Estate Industry.  Wear your pin proudly!  Use the various resources offered by CRS Marketing to promote your CRS status to the world and your community.

One way you can promote yourself, and have a little fun too, is by sporting a CRS coffee mug offered through “Smart Sayings Mugs,” and hand made through Team Gearbubble, the manufacturer. Enjoy these CRS  gift mugs for yourself or as a gift or a reward for a colleague. 

These mugs are a notch above most novelty coffee mugs you have ever owned.  They are heavy, high quality sturdy ceramic. These mugs dishwasher safe and mircowaveable. Most designs come in 15 OZ except when certain styles are only offered in the 11 oz size only such as the metallic or color changing styles.  The “Color Changing” mug is a fun and unusual design sure to bring a smile.  This means that the mug will appear to look like an ordinary black mug when cold. But when you pour the hot liquid in, the picture on the mug appears. How much fun is that?

(Note to CRS Marketing: Each mug design will have it’s own listing and it’s own unique link to an Amazon page.  Just Click on the link below the selected mug and the “buy page” will appear.  These mug designs are print on demand and the supply is unlimited. The Amazon order then goes to the manufacturer, Gearbubble,  where it is created and drop shipped to the buyer.)

Enjoy your CRS status, and your coffee or tea as well!  Here is the current selection. More will be added in the future.  Stay tuned!


 CRS Gift Mugs

1.  I’m Proud to be a CRS 

I’m Proud to be a CRS

* * * *

 CRS Gift Mugs

2.  Was Anybody Watching for This?  Hire a CRS

This mug appears to be a solid black mug.  When the hot liquid is poured in, the picture appears!  It’s a little like other surprises? 

Was Anybody Watching for This? Hire a CRS- 11 oz Color Changing Mug

* * * *

CRS Gift Mugs

3.  I’m A CRS -What’s Your Superpower?

I’m a Certified Residential Specialist..So What’s Your Superpower? White 15 oz mug

* * * *

CRS Gift Mugs

4.  The Key to Success- Hire a CRS

The Key to Success – Hire a CRS!

Classy looking black mug, 15 OZ

* * * *

5. The Key to Success – Hire a CRS!  –15 oz white mug

The Key to Success – Hire a CRS- 15 oz white Mug

* * * *

6. CRS Gift Mugs

Don’t Get Hung Out to Dry Hire The Best -Hire a CRS

Don’t Get Hung Out to Dry Hire The Best – Hire a CRS

* * * *

7. CRS Gift Mugs

We’ll Find the Right House Together – I’m a CRS

This is a really fun design! 15 oz white mug

 * * * *

8. CRS Gift Mugs

  Quit Going Around in Circles –

Get Your House SOLD!

Hire a CRS!

Quit Going around in Circles – Get Your House Sold – Hire a CRS

* * * *

9. Let’s Get You Sold . . . CRS

CRS Standard Logo on a 15 oz White Mug

* * * *

10. CRS – Pendant Necklace – Silver plated 22 ” Chain – 1 inch Square Pendant



The same technology that allows us to implant art and graphics on a mug can also make it possible to create jewelry! Enjoy!

* * * *

11. CRS Pendant Bracelet – Silver

CRS – Pendant Bracelet –  Silver

* * * *

12. CRS 15 oz Black Mug – Standard Color Shield

CRS – Black 15 oz Mug – Standard Logo

* * * *

13. CRS – Gold Placed Pendant necklace – 22 Inch chain – 1 inch square Pendant

CRS – Gold Plated Pendant Necklace – Standard Logo

* * * *

14. CRS – BW Logo – Black 15 oz Mug

CRS – LOGO – BW shield- 15 oz mug

* * * *

15. CRS – Pendant in BW – Necklace- CRS Standard Logo –  Silver Plated 22 Inch Chain –  Inch Square Pendant

CRS – BW Logo _Pendant- Silver Plated Chain 22 Inch

* * * *

16. CRS – Pendant Necklace – Gold Plated chain – 22 Inch

CRS Logo – BW – Gold Plated Necklace – 22 inch chain

* * * *

17. CRS – BW Logo – Silver Bracelet

CRS – BW Logo – Silver Bracelet

* * * *

18. CRS – Gift Mug

Let’s get You Sold – I’m A CRS

Let’s Get You Sold – I’m a CRS – 15 oz white mug

 * * * * *

19. CRS  Gift Mugs

  Stand Out From the Rest –

  Become a CRS

Stand Out From the Rest – Become a CRS – white 15 oz mug

Heavy ceramic, 15 oz gift mug – CRS

* * * *

20. CRS Gift Mugs

  Stand Out From the Rest

  Become a CRS – Black mug-15 OZ

Stand Out From the Rest – Become a CRS – Black 15 oz mug

* * * *




“Hire a Professional Who is for sure looking out for you . . .”
When someone hires a CRS to handle their home sales transaction, they can have confidence they’ve made a wise decision using a Real Estate Professional with extra training and education.

Hire a Professional Who is for Sure looking Out For you…Hire a CRS!

* * * *

22. CRS Gift Mugs

  Let Me Help You Get Through This Sale’s Transaction with Some Sanity…

Let Me Help You Get Through this Sale Transaction with Some Sanity

 I’m A CRS

* * * *

23. CRS Gift Mugs

If You want to Crush it In Real Estate . . .

If You Want To Crush it In Real Estate – Become a CRS!

* * * *


Stand Out from the Rest –

Stand Out From the Rest – Become a CRS – purple Metallic Mug – 11 oz

* * * *

25. CRS Gift Mugs

I Love Being a CRS


* * * *

26. CRS Gift Mugs –

  I’m Proud to be a CRS

Silver Metallic look on white Ceramic – 11 oz size

* * * *

I’m Proud to Be a CRS – Silver metallic look on white ceramic – 11 oz mug

27. CRS Gift Mugs

  I’m Proud to Be a CRS

Gold Metallic Mug  on white ceramic- I’m Proud to be a CRS – 11 oz size

Gold Metallic look mug – 11 oz

* * * *

28. CRS Gift Mugs

 I’m a Certified Residential Specialist – So What’s Your Superpower?

I’m a Certified Residential Specialist – So What’s Your Superpower?

Have some fun with this. The black mug will reveal the graphics once the hot liquid is poured into the mug. This one is a little different in the color scheme.

* * * *

29. CRS Gift mug

I’m an Expert at Getting This . . .

I’m an Expert and Getting This to Turn Into Sold – I’m a CRS

To Turn into SOLD! – I’m a CRS

* * * *

30. CRS Gift Mugs

  Find the Missing Piece for Success – Become a CRS

Find the Missing Piece for Success – Become a CRS  – 15 oz white mug

* * * *

31. CRS Gift Mugs

Let Me Help You Before This Happens

Let me help you Before This Happens – I’m a CRS

* * * *


Let Me Piece it Together For You –

Let Me Piece it Together for you – I’m a CRS

* * * *

33. Gift Mugs CRS

Let me Be There For You . . .

Let Me Be There For You – I’m a CRS

* * * *

34. Gift Mugs CRS

Let Me Be There For You – Black – 15 oz Mug

Let Me Be There For You – I’m a CRS – Black 15 oz mug

* * * *

35. Gift Mugs CRS

Let’s Get The Right Kind of Traffic to Your House Sale – I’m a CRS

* * * *


A Bonus Funny Mug – Job – Career

From the Smart Sayings Mugs Collection!

Visit us on Amazon and Etsy – Smart Sayings Mugs Shop

Click here to buy this funny color changing mug on Amazon:

I‘ve Learned to sleep with my eyes wide open, and standing up. So what other talents did you want to talk about? Color changing mug – 11 oz 

I’ve learned to Sleep With My Eyes Wide Open..and Standing up… 15 oz white mug

Click here to buy this mug on Amazon:


* * * *

See a more varied collection of Smart Sayings Mugs on various life categories here:

Click here to view more Smart Sayings Mugs Selections:


More designs to come!

Christmas Tips to Make Your Holiday Meal Extra Special!

It’s Those Little Things that Make Your Christmas Dinner Extra Special!

Holiday Turkey Dinner..here a few tips to make your meal extra Special!

Holiday Turkey Dinner . . . here a few ideas to make your meal extra special!

Christmas Tips to Make your Holiday Meal Extra Special!

by Kathie FitzPatrick

You know how to make the turkey . . . you’ve been doing  it for years! Your friends and relatives are coming over with a wide variety and array of side dishes and desserts. But how can you add a few special touches to the meal and the event without wearing yourself out?

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Best Espresso Coffee Machine – on a Budget you can Afford

Best Espresso Coffee Machine — Economy

By Kathie FitzPatrick

If you love espresso, but can only dream of owning one of those elite espresso machines, here are some of the best espresso coffee machines in the economy division. The best espresso coffee machine in the economy class may not last you like the solid stainless steel and highly engineered world class machines, but they will get you started enjoying the wonderful world of home espresso! Most come with a warranty. Be sure and look for it!

7 Pc All-In-One Espresso Machine Bundle Set – (INCLUDES: Electric Coffee Bean Grinder, Portafilter, Stainless Steel Milk Frothing Cup, Measuring Spoon w/ Tamper & 2 Ceramic Espresso Cups.             

7 PC All in One Espresso Machine by Espresso Works

7 PC All in One Espresso Machine by Espresso Works

Ready for use in only 45 seconds. Just add coffee beans.  Just Add Beans! With the advanced Thermoblock fast heating system you can always expect precise temperature and instant steam.

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Special Deals on Amazon!

Deals of the Day! 

 See Special Deals on Amazon any time ! Click on the link above.

Get the Kindle Fire Tablet for only $49.99 while supplies last!

Kindle Fire Tablet $49.99

Kindle Fire Tablet $49.99

DeLonghi BC0330T Combination Drip Coffee and Espresso Machine

Click here to buy this product on Amazon:


Cyber Monday Espresso coffee maker Combo

Cyber Monday Espresso coffee maker Combo

Click on the blue links below for the full range of special deals!

Cyber Monday Deals and Beyond

DeLonghi BCO320T Combination Espresso and Drip Coffee- Black    

 Click on the link above to get this Amazing buy on Amazon, the DeLonghi Combo Espresso coffee Maker

Cyber Monday special Combo Coffee maker Espresso machine

Cyber Monday special Combo Coffee maker Espresso machine


Amazon daily and weekly deals

Amazon daily and weekly deals


Picture This Red Enameled Dutch Oven on your Stove!

Picture This Red Enameled Dutch Oven on your Stove!

Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven – Red Color with Lid, 3.2-quart – by Utopia Kitchen Enameled Cast Iron Dutch oven with Dual Handle and Cover Casserole Dish – Red, 6.2 Quarts – Utopia Kitchen

Spiceberry Dutch Oven

Spiceberry Home Cast-Iron Enamel Brasier Covered Casserole, 4-1/2 Quart, Purple
Strikingly bBautiful Casserole Dish for your Next Party!

Strikingly Beautiful Casserole Dish for your Next Party!

Discovery of Coffee and a Little History

They say that the discovery of coffee had to do with a herd of goats!

They say that the discovery of coffee had to do with a herd of goats!

The Discovery of Coffee–Truth or Legend?

By Kathie FitzPatrick

The colorful and interesting story of the discovery of coffee goes back centuries to the country of Ethiopia. At that time ancient coffee forests grew in the wild upon the lush hills of the Ethiopian plateaus. It was around 850 A.D.

One day a young goatherd named Kaldi seemed to be managing his goats in the usual way on a normal sunny afternoon.  He noticed that his goats wandered off into some colorful looking bushes with red berries on them.  Not thinking too much about it he went along with his normal duties.

After awhile he called out to his goats to move on. Normally they responded, and even knew their names when he called them.  But not this time.  Kaldi went up the hill to check further on how his goats were doing.  When he came upon them he found his goats to be acting very strangely.  There were leaping up in the air kicking and even butting heads with each other. They seemed to be acting in a wild and strange way.

“What has become of my goats?  Are they bewitched?” Kaldi wondered. They were very interested in staying in that one spot, and grazing on the bushes there.  Kaldi could not seem to herd his goats to come with him back to the normal pasture.  He finally had to give up on them, and leave them in that location for the night.

When he came back the next day they were still grazing in the same location, and acting the same way, jumping, leaping  and dashing around with unusual energy. I guess we might say today that they were acting “super-caffeinated.”  The goats did not seem to sleep hardly at all.

Kaldi went over to the bushes with the red berries and picked a few.  He held them in the palms of his hands up to his eyes and studied them.  What was different about these bushes with the red berries, he wondered?

Kaldi couldn’t resist trying them himself. 

You guessed it. He got to feeling pretty high and pretty weird right away.

Kaldi took the berries to an Abbot at a nearby monastery, and told him about what happened to his goats.  Upon studying Kaldi, the Monks though perhaps it was him  that was acting bewitched!

“Those berries are of the devil!” the Abbot exclaimed, as he threw the beans into the fire.  The aroma of roasting beans quickly filled the room. The pleasant coffee aroma could hardly be ignored.

Later, the Abbot tried boiling hot water and adding the berries to make a drink.  The result was that the Abbot an the rest of the Monks hardly slept at all that night after drinking the mixture.  He decided that it was good to use the drink to keep him awake during long hours of evening prayer. . . or to awake in the early morning for his prayer and duties around the monastery.  He soon told the other monks about it.  As you can imagine word of such a good thing spread very quickly!

Although this story is sometimes referred to as a “legend,” it sounds like the truth to me!  Here is another version if this story you might enjoy!  Click on the link  above to view it from the www.gocoffeego.com  site.

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