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Small Espresso Machine for the Home

Breville Duo Temp Espresso Machine

“Where is that Small Espresso Machine that I Will Love?”

"Where is that small espresso machine that I will love...and will fit neatly on my kitchen counter space?"
“Where is that small espresso machine that I will love…and will fit neatly on my kitchen counter space?”

Small Espresso Machine for the Home

Ever found yourself looking over the display of home espresso machines on-line and wondered if the one you like would fit your limited counter space?

Or maybe starting with evaluating a small espresso machine is just the way to go from the very beginning.

Let’s take a look at a selection that should answer the question and give you a wonderful espresso machine that will make those really great coffee drinks you are looking forward to!


Jura Ena One Touch – Updated

This  Jura super-automatic machine is a great favorite and a top seller anyway!

Its compact size is just one extra plus!

This machine has a height-adjustable dual spout, cappuccino / coffee (75 – 125 mm / 3 and 5 inch); The Jura ENA 9 One Touch has an Aroma Boost feature for extra coffee kick owners love!
The Jura ENA 9 offers 6 different products at the touch of a button.  It is a little smaller and compact in size measuring  just 23.8 cm (9.4 inches wide; 14.2 x 17.5)
The exterior has a nice double coat of metallic-look glossy silver lacquer which will look appealing on your counter top.
The machine has a programmable amount of water plus adjustable coffee strength, also a favorite feature.

The Jura ENA 9 One Touch  has an adjustable, conical burr grinder built into the machine.
Also included is a Thermoblock heating system with a high performance 15-bar pump, and an integrated rinsing, cleaning and descaling program.
This delightful home espresso machine produces a latte macchiato and cappuccino at the touch of a button.
It also has fine foam technology!

According to a customer review posted on Amazon, one owner of this machine commented, “As for the froth, it has to be seen to be believed.    It’s truly amazing . . . feather light and fine.”

On the Jura Ena 9 One Touch the cleaning is also fully automatic.  It monitors what drinks you’ve been having and periodically (or on shutdown) applies the corresponding self cleaning mode all ready for you.  This is a thinking machine!  It can also be done manually with one click.  For example, any time milk frothing is used, just replace the milk source with water and press C-Clean.  It cleans both the Sialastic hose and rinses the milk nozzle.  Too good to be true . . . and all in a compact size

* * * *

Jura Ena 15116 Micro Espresso Machine – One Touch

Here is the latest version of the Jura Ena One touch Espressio Machine.  No need to be an expert. You can prepare 6 professional quality drinks including coffee, espresso, cappuccino and latte styles all with one touch of a button. Customers love this machine. One reviewer said it was like having their own “Coffee Barista Robot.”

Jura Ena One Touch-115116-Makes 6 styles of coffee drinks with One touch of a button

Buy the latest updated Jura 15116 Ena Micro 90 Espresso Machine on Amazon here

* * * *

The Breville BES870XL Espresso Machine – Barista Express

This Barista Express model is not only one of the most popular mid range priced espresso machines out there, but it is compact in size as well.  Measuring 13.2 x 12.5 x 15.8 high it is a good fit for most any kitchen counter space.

Many owners reported that the Breville BES870XL Espresso Machine was easy to use and made the very best lattes, espressos, and cappuccinos even exceeding their expectations.

This popular machine includes an integrated burr grinder which limits the time between grinding and extraction of the espresso to just seconds.  This helps create the very best fresh in creation of your espresso shot.

Owners can also select the grind settings they desire from fine to coarse (From 1-16) . Also adjustable is the amount of fresh grounds that goes into the filter basket and can have a filter size button to indicate whether a single shot or double-wall filter basket is being used.

Included in the box, there are 4 filter baskets: 2 double-wall pressurized filters (for 1 and 2 shots) that help take that the guess-work out of your tamping which is ideal for people new to using an espresso machine.

The Breville Barista Express comes with a 54 mm tamper with magnetic storage that easy to remove when you need to use the tamper.  It also comes with a 54 mm portafilter in study stainless steel which compared to a commercial sized 58 mm portafilter is a very nice feature.  It also has commercial style spouts.  Because the grounds are relatively dry after brewing, emptying the portafilter of the spent grounds  is very easy and simple.

Found at the back of the machine is a 2 liter removable water tank with water filter. This means you can easily use the water from the sink to fill your water tank either at the sink or at the machine. This keeps things neat.

Some of the features strongly appreciated about this Breville Barista Express model is that it is made of stainless steel and that it has no components that feel flimsy but is quite sturdy and made to last.  The unit also has a built in PID for easy use.  PID stands for Proportional-Integral-Derivative.  This feature usually comes with only higher end espresso machine models.  It is important in order to make consistently great espresso shots.

There is also an infusion gauge that lets the user know when you need to adjust the grind, the tamp or the amount coffee.  The unit comes with a milk pitcher when you first  open the box, according to buyers.

Owners also love the built-in grinder which has an adjustable control feature for the grinds.  Steaming and foaming milk is a snap with the Breville Express steam wand which is great and easy to use and easy to clean later.  When using the steam wand, owners report that it only takes 30 seconds to come up to steam temperature.

This machine produces really great espressos, lattes and other milk-based coffee drinks!  Owners say that the customer service for the Breville BES8780XL Barista Express is very good!

Click here to buy this product on Amazon:

* * * *

Breville BES810BSS Duo Temp Pro Espresso Machine, Stainless Steel, Medium

Breville Duo Temp Espresso Machine

ALSO AN ABBREVIATED SIZED ESPRESSO MACHINE, The Breville Duo Temp Pro lets you create great tasting specialty coffee at home. This espresso machine ensures balanced flavors from even extraction using low pressure pre-fusion, managing sweetness, acidity and bitterness for the perfect cup every time
PRECISE ESPRESSO EXTRACTION: Low pressure pre-infusion helps ensure all the flavors are drawn out evenly during the extraction for balanced tasting espresso
WATER TEMPERATURE: The 1600W Thermocoil–Integrated stainless steel water path precisely controls water temperature on your unit.
MANUAL MICROFOAM MILK TEXTURING: A strong high power 1600W element delivers nore tha sufficient steam to create microfoam that enhances flavor and makes it poissible for you to produce latte art at home
AUTOMATIC PURGE: The Duo-Temp Pro Espresso Machine automatically purges the heat system after steaming, ensuring your next espresso is extracted at the right temperature . . .an important and unique feature.


“Some folks complain about the noise when the machine is warming up or about the small amount of hot water that comes out before the steam is rocking out of the wand to froth your milk. You can put a cup to the side to catch the water first. I have found that the very small amount of water does not affect the frothing at all.”

* * * *

“If you like a simple no mess way to make your espresso, you will love this machine.”

* * * *

“Easy learning curve.”

* * * *

“love hosting with this easy.”

* * * *

In terms of TASTE, the Duo Temp Pro performs great once you dial it in. Again, this requires a decent grinder (such as Sette 270/Rancilio Rocky), fresh coffee, technique, etc. When I get everything just right my lattes taste better than many at coffee shops.”


Purchase your Breville BES810BSS on Amazon now here:

* * * *

Rancilio HSD-SILVIA Espresso Machine

Rancilio Silvia HSD Espresso Machine

Also on our “Small Espresso Machine list.” Measurements are: 11.4 x 13.4 inches.

Coffee connoisseurs who have been making espresso at home for years rave over this machine!  The joy of professional quality in a espresso machine is now available for the home.  The reliability of the Rancho Silvia machine seems impeccable according to the reviews. On that same note, it has also been said that this machine is a bit finicky and it takes some practice to get the procedure down smoothly. The “finicky” part seems to revolve around the fine grind that this machine requires.

People who love this model machine say the secret is to buy a very good Burr grinder. The recommendation is the Rancilio HSD – ROC-SS or Rocky Espresso Coffee grinder with doser chamber. Rancilio also makes a specialized tamper that also helps you get it right.
One happy owner commented on Amazon that she got tired of buying the cheaper off brand machines for around $250. that just die right away. She had been making espresso at home for about 25 years and stepped up to the Rancilio Silvia, and could not be happier. She discovered superior coffee and espresso!  The owner said it was very well made, “Almost bullet proof!” this owner said. “I’ve had my machine for over five years and it’s still running like new.”

The very flexible steam wand offers complete range of motion and the professional steaming knob precisely controls steaming pressure for the user.
But owners of the Rancilio Silvia caution that the amazing and wonderful results that you will grow to love will not occur with this machine right out of the box. It takes time and investment and a little extra practice.

  • * * * *

iRUNTEK Automatic Espresso and Coffee Maker

The iRUNTEK is powered by the internet

This espresso machine and coffee maker takes a break from the traditional! It is powered by WiFi.

The touch screen is different from the traditional button or knob design, just one click to make espresso, Americano, cappuccino and latte, as well as hot water. All the necessary operations can be completed with just one click. You can control the amount of coffee grounds, coffee temperature, coffee flow, as well as the amount of milk and milk froth, plus the cleaning and rinsing program. Everything is very easy to make and clean. Runs of your internet connection. Owners really like this machine. Be sure to read the reviews!

Click here to buy this amazing and convenient espresso/coffee maker on Amazon today

  • * * * *

Click here to buy the Rancilio Silvia HSD Espresso Machine on Amazon:

According to most owners of the Rancilio Silvia the first thing is to purchase is a Burr Coffee grinder that is made for this machine. Rancilio makes two different kinds:

The Rancilio HSD-ROC-SD Rocky Espresso Coffee Grinder 

Rancilio HSD-ROC-SD Burr Grinder
Rancilio HSD-ROC-SD Burr Grinder

This 50mm commercial grade Coffee grinder has grinding burrs that
grind the beans directly into porta filter for simple operation. According  to an Amazon review, a purchaser said that he “Never regretted the purchase . . . delivers consistent quality!”

Click here to buy this product on Amazon:

* * * *

The Rancilio HSD – ROC SS Rocky Espresso coffee grinder with Doser Chamber

Rancilio burr grinder with doser
Rancilio burr grinder with doser

This machine also has the 50mm commercial grade grinding burrs. The doser chamber for professional style dosing of espresso into the porta filter is an extra feature the other machine doesn’t have.  This machine has a  Powerful 166-watt direct drive quiet operation motor to keep down the noise.
Also this grinder has a tinted hopper with a 0.65lb capacity.   The ROC SS Rocky model has a simple variable grinder adjustment control. All machines are tested prior packaging which might leave a small trace of coffee residue.

Get the ideal burr grinder for the Rancilio Silvia machine. Click here to buy this product on Amazon

* * * *

Conclusion for the Rancilio HSD-Silvia Espresso Machine:

The Rancilio HSD-SYLVIA gets high marks with consumers who appreciate fine espresso!

The Rancilio HSD-SILVIA classifies itself in our small espresso machine category. The owners commented in various ways that if you want really great espresso, and a reliable machine, Rancilio Silvia is the way to go. They say you will have to take time and a little extra investment to get the technique down, but you will be glad you did!

Click here to buy the Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine with Iron frame and Stainless Steel Body on Amazon:

* * * *

Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine

Gaggia 14101 Classic Espresso Machine

This machine qualifies for our small espresso machine list. Measuring

14 1/4 x 8 x 9 1/2 inches it is definitely a compact machine.

The Gaggia 14101 Classis is a coffee/espresso machine with a 72-ounce removable water reservoir.  It also has stainless-steel housing, brass portafilters and a grouphead for temperature stability.
The 17-1/2-bar pump with high-voltage boiler is a very nice feature. It also has hot-water dispenser and frothing wand.
A single and double-shot stainless-steel filter basket, tamper, and measuring scoop is included when you buy.

Buyers can refer to the product videos, Quickstart Guide and the User Manual for any issues they might have.

Purchasers left comments in Amazon reviews such as, “Outstanding espresso machine, we love it.”
“Top notch espresso with a beautiful crema time and time again.”
“Easy operation, easy cleaning, quick process.”
“Well built, stainless steel all around.”
“A really good value for the money.”

Click here to buy this product on Amazon:

* * * *

Since the Gaggia 14101 Classic Pro is Unavaiable Consider Buying the Similar Model the Gaggia R19380 Classic Pro Express

Gaggia R19380/46 Classic Pro Espresso

Gaggia R19380/46 Classic pro Espresso machine

This espresso also machine qualifies for “small espresso machine for your home.” This machine measures a convenient 9.5 x 14.2 inches

This espresso machine comes in attractive brushed stainless steel.
This unit has a Commercial three-way solenoid valve. Capacity water tank – 2,1 liter.

Also, you will appreciate the Commercial-style 58mm chrome-plated brass portability and brew group with a commercial steam wand.
The Gaggia R19380/46 Classic pro-Espresso has easy-to-use rocker switch controls. Order today!

Buy the Gaggia R19380/46 Classic Pro Espresso Machine on Amazon now

* * * *

De’Longhi ECAM 22110 SB Compact

This De’Longhi ECAM home espresso machine has the same features of the De’Longhi full size automatic machine but is much more compact. Product dimensions are 15 x 11 x 14 inches.
You can conveniently use tap water with the built-in water filtration system that comes with the De’Longhi ECAM.
The aroma button time-releases the water flow to saturate coffee grounds a little bit at a time to extract a fuller flavor.
This machine easily prepares latte and cappuccino with the patented cappuccino system. The frothier It mixes steam and milk to create a rich, creamy froth for perfect drinks every time
The De’Longhi ECAM saves up to 77-percent energy with energy-saving switch on this style machine.

Not only did this couple love their De’Longhi ECAM espresso machine, but they had a very good definition for a super-automatic espresso machine for their Amazon review:
“For those really ignorant like us: Super Automatic means you fill the bean bin and the water bin once every so often, and then it’s ready to go. When you want a drink – you turn it on and press a button – single espresso, double espresso, single lungo, or double lungo. Then you watch as it makes a bunch of interesting noises then fills your cup with beautiful, steaming hot frothy coffee. Then you drink it. “

You’ve gotta love it!

Buyers can use  De’Longhi’s specialized call center for help in setting up and maintaining your machine at 866-528-8323 (LatteBest)

Click here to buy this product on Amazon:

* * * *

Philips Saeco HD8745/57 Chrome Expresso Machine, X-Small, Silver

Once again, another entry in our Small Espresso Machine category:

Owners seem to love both the size and the quality of the espresso. Here’s a review  from a person who purchased this machine on Amazon:

“Really impressive with the machine. It is just the right size and price I want. I use it for espresso only, and it does a really good job for me. I can fit a mug underneath, which is way better than expected. This is the cheapest one I can find from Saeco, and the only thing I don’t really appreciate is too many plastic made parts. The machine I got is made in Romania, I hope this means comparatively higher quality.”

Other features include:

This machine has a reallly great milk frothing steam wand.
•Brews coffee without burnt taste thanks to 100% ceramic grinders
• Has a memo function and adjustable grinders allow you to save and brew according to your personal preference each time
• Easy cleaning and maintenance

Click here to buy this product on Amazon:


* * * *

De’Longhi EC680 Dedica 15 Bar Pump Espresso Machine

 Delonghi EC680M DEDICA 15-Bar Pump Espresso Machine, Stainless Steel                               

Here’s another wonderful discovery in the world of small espresso machines!  The dimensions are 13″ D x 5.9″W x 13″ H.  The Delonghi Dedica is a wonderful and elegant looking machine for your countertop!  The Owners say in Amazon reviews that  besides the wonderfully attractive low price, it makes really great espresso!

The De’Longhi EC680 Dedica has very solid construction with a narrow footprint at the base and a beautiful design.
This espresso machine will accept either loose ground coffee or ESE coffee pods
The De’Longhi EC680 Dedica ships  with three different size cups to insert in portafilter which is a single dose, double dose. or  ESE pod size.
The De’Longhi EC680 produces a very nice layer of crema when proper steps are followed in brewing.  The water level is also visible in the reservoir. Owners of this machine say that there is relatively easy clean up after brewing.
The pump on this machine delivers the necessary 15 Bar pressure for best extraction.  The extraction time is also programmable.
There are three settings for water temperature and water hardness to review.

The boiler on the De’Longhi Dedica is pre-configured to produce water that is exactly 190F, and the pump is hard-wired for 15 BAR,  both of which are perfect for espresso. This machine also has a pre-configured “ideal” brew/pull timing, but it still allows you to customize your pull times by simply holding down the buttons. This way you can pull Ristrettos or Longos if you wish to.

Looking over the reviews on this machine many of the owners were overall very happy, and thought it was an excellent product for the price!

However, some did have problems with the machine, and had to contact customer service, or ship back. I will mention this: on reviews concerning any home espresso machines when you see some extremely happy customers and some who had problems with the very same style machine, remember that espresso machines are often hand assembled and have a number of moving parts.  Some machines may just be put together better than others. If you get a “lemon,” look into sending it back for another machine as soon as possible so you can be one of the happy customers, such as this one who said:

This espresso maker has far exceeded my expectations.”

Click here to buy this product on Amazon:

* * * *

Small Espresso Machine “La Italia”

La Pavoni EPG – 8 Europiccola 8 cup Lever Style Espresso Machine, Chrome

Many of the Italian espresso machines do fall in the small espresso machine category.  They are often tall and slender, and small at the base. You may wish to explore my article “Italian Espresso Machines” here on this site for even more choices.

The LaPavoni EPG – 8 Europiccola 8 cup home espresso machine measures 11 by 7 by 12 inches.  It also has a 1-year warranty. It’s ideal for making high quality coffee specialty drinks at home.
This machine comes with sturdy all-steel construction under heavy chrome plating.  In the box it comes with tamper, screen, screen holder, measuring ladle and cappuccino attachment.  There is also included an instructional video for getting started
The LaPavoni has a manual Lever.  If you want fill control over your coffee, owners of this machine say this is the way to go.
A great feature is that it has more than enough steam pressure/volume to steam 12oz+ of milk.
This Italian style machine is mostly all metal and solidly constructed.
The heat comes up very nicely, fast, or in about five minutes with a full tank. The head also comes up to the right temperature quickly.
It has a visible water level, and easy to clean drip tray.  People who purchased the machine mentioned that they like the easy screw-off levers that are easily replaceable and customizable.

Click here to buy this product on Amazon:

* * * *

Once again for more choices on small espresso machines, “Italia, “go  here:


The manufacturers of home espresso machines have definitely kept in mind that many people are looking for a smaller model to fit easily onto their kitchen countertop.  They are actually many choices.  Many of the best have been listed right here . . . so find your favorite, and buy now!

Breville BES810BSS Due Temp

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Italian Espresso Machines-Reviews & A Little Bit of History

Italian Espresso Machines-Reviews

By Kathie FitzPatrick

Italian coffee machines-in-love-with-italy_zylunYuO_L

No, espresso did not originally come from Seattle.

Thanks to North African and Turkish merchant traders who brought the early concept of espresso through Venetian ports to Italy in the early part of the 20th century during the Renaissance period, coffee had already become a part of daily life in Italy. In the year 1763 there were 200 coffee shops in Venice.

Then about 140 years later, in 1903, a businessman, Luigi Bezzera, was trying to figure out a way to make his coffee faster. He was an owner of a manufacturing business and was losing patience with how long it took to make his coffee each morning.

Bezzera delightfully discovered that by adding steam pressure to the coffee making process this not only cut down the time of the brewing process itself, but created a far stronger and more robust cup of coffee. It was a new creation of its own. Upon further study and tinkering he cleverly came up with what he called his “Fast coffee machine.” The word “espresso” means fast in Italian.

Vintage teapot with dry tea and rose buds over black metal background

However, Bezzera was not as talented in marketing as he was creating the first espresso maker. In 1905 he sold the rights to another businessman, Desidero Pavoni. From there a short time later the machine was patented.   Also within a short time Pavoni’s name was associated with everything having to do with espresso.

In current times Italy now has over 200,000 coffee bars and growing.

It’s fun to look at the history of espresso coffee creation! Today we are going to take a big leap forward in time and review some of the favorite Italian espresso machines for the home. So now you will get a good look at all things “espresso machine Italian,” and make the right choice for the best Italian espresso machine for your personal home!

                                        * * * *

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Best Super-Automatic Espresso Machine-Reviews

Two cuts of ewspress with heart cookies

Best Automatic Espresso Machines You Will Love

by Kathie FitzPatrick

So how do you find the best espresso coffee machine? There are many choices of home espresso machines out there.  The variety sometimes seems as vast as the stars in the sky. Well, perhaps not quite that vast!  But it is a bit confusing to say the least.  This article will review our top favorite picks in the realm of Semi-Automatic and Super-Automatic Espresso Machines in order to help you determine the best automatic espresso machine for you.

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How to Use Coffee to Build Relationships

Having coffee together adds a warm positive note to both your discussion and work projects.

Having coffee together adds a warm positive note to both your discussion and work projects.

Sitting Down and Having Coffee Together is Much More Powerful Than you May Think.

By Kathie FitzPatrick

We know we love drinking coffee . . . and we know a lot of other people like to drink coffee.
So enjoying coffee is something we can potentially have in common with people, both current friends and soon to be friends, and business associates.

Use having coffee as a relationship building tool

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Are There Health Benefits to Drinking Coffee?

Love Coffee?  Are You Drinking 3 or 4 Cups a Day? It might Just be Very Good For your Health!

Studies show that coffee in moderation is actually good for your health.

Studies show that coffee in moderation is actually good for your health. Scroll below for the video YOUR BRAIN ON COFFEE

By Kathie FitzPatrick

There are certain things we love . . and some things we even feel guilty about indulging in. If you love coffee, relax.  Drinking one to four cups a day may protect you from developing a number of various diseases, according to current clinical studies.

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Which Nespresso Machine is Right for You?

Cappuccino of the favorite specialty coffee drinks!

Cappuccino coffee…one of the favorite specialty coffee drinks made with a Nespresso machine!

“Which Nespresso Machine Shall I Buy?”

Nespresso Citiz C111 Espresso Maker with Aeroccino Plus Milk Frothier, Chrome


Which Nespresso machine makes cappuccinos and lattes?”

Here we go . . . this one does!

This Nespresso machine includes an Aeroccino Plus milk frothier, rapid one touch preparation of hot or cold milk froth for Cappuccino, Latte and Iced Cappuccino
Owners notice an easy insertion and ejection of the coffee capsules.  This model of Nespresso  holds 10 used capsules. It also has a removable 34-ounce water tank. This is for use with Nespresso coffee capsules only.
The Nespresso Citiz is a good example of compact brewing unit technology.  Fast preheating time is 25 seconds. This machine has a 19 Bar high pressure pump. The automatic power turns off off after 9 minutes of inactivity
This machine also has an automatic and programmable coffee volume quantity (Espresso and Lungo). Items sold separately valued at $348.
The flexible pivoting tray accommodates tall recipe glasses!

Buy the Nespresso Citiz C111 Espresso Maker on Amazon:

* * * *

Which Nespresso Machine Should I buy?

Here are a few questions posted on Amazon reviews from people considering owning a Nespresso machine or who already own one:

Question:  Can you also make just plain coffee with this model?

Answer: No. If you want one that makes coffee and espresso look at the Nespresso Vertuoline machines.

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Freshest beans? Is Home Coffee Roasting for You?

The Importance of Fresh Coffee Beans . . .

Is Home Coffee Roasting for You?

Green and brown decaf unroasted and black roasted coffee beans as background.

Green beans will make the transformation to freshly roasted coffee beans in our cup!


Ah, if you are a coffee lover there is nothing like fresh coffee beans in your cup!
Since the critical top priority in making a full and flavorful cup of coffee is in the freshness of the beans, let’s get to the bottom of it.  You can sometimes find a source of freshly roasted beans close by your home through various coffee stores or specialty shops, or possibly through mail subscription, or you can decide to roast the green coffee beans at home yourself.  More about home coffee roasting later.
When you look around the local grocery store where you shop you probably assume that the beans on the shelf are fresh, but this often just not the case.

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Best Home Coffee Bean Roasters

So why do people do home coffee roasting?

Freshly roasted coffee . . . there's nothing like it.

Freshly roasted coffee . . . there’s nothing like it.

I watch people on-line passionately stirring those green coffee beans in a frying pan on their stoves at home, patiently waiting for those precious “cracks” to signal the first sign that their roast is about done.  The first crack finally makes a loud pop or a crack sound like a branch breaking. Then here is comes, the second crack that sounds like rice krispies . . . ah, now it’s  time to pull it off and cool it in a colander, and eyeball that perfect medium roast.

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Jura Impressa C5 and Jura Impressa F7 Plus Other Selections

The Amazing World of Jura Espresso Machines

One of the most well known and respected world leaders in manufacturing of automatic espresso coffee machines is JURA, INC. They have brought a variety of elements to the world of espresso coffee machine technology: fine engineering, sophistication, quality, creative design, and ease of use to help create a very fine home espresso experience for today’s modern coffee connoisseurs.

Exceptional brewing experience

Exceptional Espresso!

Exceptional Espresso!

The JURA espresso machines are known for producing the very finest high-pressure brewed coffee, espresso, lattes, and cappuccino. Frothing doesn’t have to be hard even for the beginner on a JURA espresso machine. The Jura coffee machine offers more choices in coffee volume and coffee strength than any of the competitive models. Grinding beans fresh assures the best and highest yield of both aroma and flavor.

Swiss origination

Jura has their parent company located in Switzerland known as JURA AG.  Jura has become a global leader in the production of fine automatic coffee centers currently marketing to over 40 countries. Their impressive USA base is located in Montvale, N.J.

Jura offers a wide variety of styles in the world of fine espresso coffee machines. Let’s take a look! Continue reading

Discovery of Coffee and a Little History

They say that the discovery of coffee had to do with a herd of goats!

They say that the discovery of coffee had to do with a herd of goats!

The Discovery of Coffee–Truth or Legend?

By Kathie FitzPatrick

The colorful and interesting story of the discovery of coffee goes back centuries to the country of Ethiopia. At that time ancient coffee forests grew in the wild upon the lush hills of the Ethiopian plateaus. It was around 850 A.D.

One day a young goatherd named Kaldi seemed to be managing his goats in the usual way on a normal sunny afternoon.  He noticed that his goats wandered off into some colorful looking bushes with red berries on them.  Not thinking too much about it he went along with his normal duties.

After awhile he called out to his goats to move on. Normally they responded, and even knew their names when he called them.  But not this time.  Kaldi went up the hill to check further on how his goats were doing.  When he came upon them he found his goats to be acting very strangely.  There were leaping up in the air kicking and even butting heads with each other. They seemed to be acting in a wild and strange way.

“What has become of my goats?  Are they bewitched?” Kaldi wondered. They were very interested in staying in that one spot, and grazing on the bushes there.  Kaldi could not seem to herd his goats to come with him back to the normal pasture.  He finally had to give up on them, and leave them in that location for the night.

When he came back the next day they were still grazing in the same location, and acting the same way, jumping, leaping  and dashing around with unusual energy. I guess we might say today that they were acting “super-caffeinated.”  The goats did not seem to sleep hardly at all.

Kaldi went over to the bushes with the red berries and picked a few.  He held them in the palms of his hands up to his eyes and studied them.  What was different about these bushes with the red berries, he wondered?

Kaldi couldn’t resist trying them himself. 

You guessed it. He got to feeling pretty high and pretty weird right away.

Kaldi took the berries to an Abbot at a nearby monastery, and told him about what happened to his goats.  Upon studying Kaldi, the Monks though perhaps it was him  that was acting bewitched!

“Those berries are of the devil!” the Abbot exclaimed, as he threw the beans into the fire.  The aroma of roasting beans quickly filled the room. The pleasant coffee aroma could hardly be ignored.

Later, the Abbot tried boiling hot water and adding the berries to make a drink.  The result was that the Abbot an the rest of the Monks hardly slept at all that night after drinking the mixture.  He decided that it was good to use the drink to keep him awake during long hours of evening prayer. . . or to awake in the early morning for his prayer and duties around the monastery.  He soon told the other monks about it.  As you can imagine word of such a good thing spread very quickly!

Although this story is sometimes referred to as a “legend,” it sounds like the truth to me!  Here is another version if this story you might enjoy!  Click on the link  above to view it from the  site.

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