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Small Espresso Machine for the Home

“Where is that Small Espresso Machine that I Will Love?”

"Where is that small espresso machine that I will love...and will fit neatly on my kitchen counter space?"

“Where is that small espresso machine that I will love…and will fit neatly on my kitchen counter space?”

Small Espresso Machine for the Home

Ever found yourself looking over the display of home espresso machines on-line and wondered if the one you like would fit your limited counter space?

Or maybe starting with evaluating a small espresso machine is just the way to go from the very beginning.

Let’s take a look at a selection that should answer the question and give you a wonderful espresso machine that will make those really great coffee drinks you are looking forward to!

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Which Nespresso Machine is Right for You?

Cappuccino of the favorite specialty coffee drinks!

Cappuccino coffee…one of the favorite specialty coffee drinks made with a Nespresso machine!

“Which Nespresso Machine Shall I Buy?”

Nespresso Citiz C111 Espresso Maker with Aeroccino Plus Milk Frothier, Chrome


Which Nespresso machine makes cappuccinos and lattes?”

Here we go . . . this one does!

This Nespresso machine includes an Aeroccino Plus milk frothier, rapid one touch preparation of hot or cold milk froth for Cappuccino, Latte and Iced Cappuccino
Owners notice an easy insertion and ejection of the coffee capsules.  This model of Nespresso  holds 10 used capsules. It also has a removable 34-ounce water tank. This is for use with Nespresso coffee capsules only.
The Nespresso Citiz is a good example of compact brewing unit technology.  Fast preheating time is 25 seconds. This machine has a 19 Bar high pressure pump. The automatic power turns off off after 9 minutes of inactivity
This machine also has an automatic and programmable coffee volume quantity (Espresso and Lungo). Items sold separately valued at $348.
The flexible pivoting tray accommodates tall recipe glasses!

Buy the Nespresso Citiz C111 Espresso Maker on Amazon:

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Which Nespresso Machine Should I buy?

Here are a few questions posted on Amazon reviews from people considering owning a Nespresso machine or who already own one:

Question:  Can you also make just plain coffee with this model?

Answer: No. If you want one that makes coffee and espresso look at the Nespresso Vertuoline machines.

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Freshest beans? Is Home Coffee Roasting for You?

The Importance of Fresh Coffee Beans . . .

Is Home Coffee Roasting for You?

Green and brown decaf unroasted and black roasted coffee beans as background.

Green beans will make the transformation to freshly roasted coffee beans in our cup!


Ah, if you are a coffee lover there is nothing like fresh coffee beans in your cup!
Since the critical top priority in making a full and flavorful cup of coffee is in the freshness of the beans, let’s get to the bottom of it.  You can sometimes find a source of freshly roasted beans close by your home through various coffee stores or specialty shops, or possibly through mail subscription, or you can decide to roast the green coffee beans at home yourself.  More about home coffee roasting later.
When you look around the local grocery store where you shop you probably assume that the beans on the shelf are fresh, but this often just not the case.

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Best Home Coffee Bean Roasters

So why do people do home coffee roasting?

Freshly roasted coffee . . . there's nothing like it.

Freshly roasted coffee . . . there’s nothing like it.

I watch people on-line passionately stirring those green coffee beans in a frying pan on their stoves at home, patiently waiting for those precious “cracks” to signal the first sign that their roast is about done.  The first crack finally makes a loud pop or a crack sound like a branch breaking. Then here is comes, the second crack that sounds like rice krispies . . . ah, now it’s  time to pull it off and cool it in a colander, and eyeball that perfect medium roast.

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Discovery of Coffee and a Little History

They say that the discovery of coffee had to do with a herd of goats!

They say that the discovery of coffee had to do with a herd of goats!

The Discovery of Coffee–Truth or Legend?

By Kathie FitzPatrick

The colorful and interesting story of the discovery of coffee goes back centuries to the country of Ethiopia. At that time ancient coffee forests grew in the wild upon the lush hills of the Ethiopian plateaus. It was around 850 A.D.

One day a young goatherd named Kaldi seemed to be managing his goats in the usual way on a normal sunny afternoon.  He noticed that his goats wandered off into some colorful looking bushes with red berries on them.  Not thinking too much about it he went along with his normal duties.

After awhile he called out to his goats to move on. Normally they responded, and even knew their names when he called them.  But not this time.  Kaldi went up the hill to check further on how his goats were doing.  When he came upon them he found his goats to be acting very strangely.  There were leaping up in the air kicking and even butting heads with each other. They seemed to be acting in a wild and strange way.

“What has become of my goats?  Are they bewitched?” Kaldi wondered. They were very interested in staying in that one spot, and grazing on the bushes there.  Kaldi could not seem to herd his goats to come with him back to the normal pasture.  He finally had to give up on them, and leave them in that location for the night.

When he came back the next day they were still grazing in the same location, and acting the same way, jumping, leaping  and dashing around with unusual energy. I guess we might say today that they were acting “super-caffeinated.”  The goats did not seem to sleep hardly at all.

Kaldi went over to the bushes with the red berries and picked a few.  He held them in the palms of his hands up to his eyes and studied them.  What was different about these bushes with the red berries, he wondered?

Kaldi couldn’t resist trying them himself. 

You guessed it. He got to feeling pretty high and pretty weird right away.

Kaldi took the berries to an Abbot at a nearby monastery, and told him about what happened to his goats.  Upon studying Kaldi, the Monks though perhaps it was him  that was acting bewitched!

“Those berries are of the devil!” the Abbot exclaimed, as he threw the beans into the fire.  The aroma of roasting beans quickly filled the room. The pleasant coffee aroma could hardly be ignored.

Later, the Abbot tried boiling hot water and adding the berries to make a drink.  The result was that the Abbot an the rest of the Monks hardly slept at all that night after drinking the mixture.  He decided that it was good to use the drink to keep him awake during long hours of evening prayer. . . or to awake in the early morning for his prayer and duties around the monastery.  He soon told the other monks about it.  As you can imagine word of such a good thing spread very quickly!

Although this story is sometimes referred to as a “legend,” it sounds like the truth to me!  Here is another version if this story you might enjoy!  Click on the link  above to view it from the  site.

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She Met Him in an Espresso Café

When the Love Bean Meets the Espresso Bean . . .

It was a lovely Saturday morning, with blue skies and white puffy clouds in the sky their area seemed to be so well known for.  The sun peeked demurely from behind the clouds as if nature was hinting there could be the appearance of rain later that day.  For the moment it was still warm and pleasant and she shed her coat to fully enjoy the sunshine.
On her way to complete a few morning errands Judy decided to pull in and enjoy her favorite espresso café.  She could make her favorite coffee at home but she decided that today she wanted the warmth socialization of her local espresso café.  It was the hub of the town and she hardly ever walked in that she didn’t run into a friend she hadn’t seen for a while sometime before she left there. This time she had more of a mission than just the usual latte.  Judy knew her favorite café that always had espresso machines on display for sale was having a few special bargains on their product she was anxious to explore.  She was tired of always finding excuses to drop by her sister’s apartment to enjoy espresso coffee there. It was time to buy her own machine. But the cost . . . well it had always been an issue.
Judy was a thirty-something single professional with light blond hair and bright blue eyes that automatically twinkled at the very thought of espresso coffee. Today her dressy office look caved into skinny jeans, high heel sandals and a bright sky blue casual silk top. She walked in the café. The rich aroma of the coffee beans was the first thing she noticed. It was pleasantly intoxicating. The first thing she did was her usual greeting to Joseph, the head Barista at the Café.   He was a very handsome man about 40 with bright brown eyes, who was also the Manager there.  

“Hi Joseph! “

“Hey Judy . . . How’s it going for ya? Can I start your favorite drink?”

“Just wait a few minutes, okay?  I’m going to do a little shopping.”

The next thing was that she was immediately drawn to the variety of espresso machines on display in the back of the store.
The first espresso machine she noticed was a very sharp looking Jura Z9 Super Automatic Espresso machine with it sleek black lines and elegant design. She looked over the product description placed next to it.
“Hmmm . . . this is one of those ‘one touch’ does it all for you’ machines from Switzerland,” she commented softly to herself.  “Wow, sheer luxury. Not sure I could do that one anywhere near soon. It’ll be on my future ‘wish list.’”  Judy scanned over the display further.  The next one her eyes landed on was the Jura ENA 5 Super Automatic. “Now here is a Super-Automatic espresso machine. Very nice looking, too. “Gentle touch panel . . . easy to operate,” she read. “Oh this one is very compact in size . . . doesn’t take up much counter space.” Judy noted.
“What else do we have here?”  Judy studied the style stylish lines of the Jura Impressa C65.  “Now that’s an impressive looking espresso machine.  I might be showing off a bit if I bought that one!”    Judy went down the line studying the machines and product descriptions. “Here’s a De’Longhi ECAM.  MY girlfriend has one of these and just loves it!  Hmm, it has Its own water filtration system.  Now that’s convenient.  Judy couldn’t help noticing the price tags. We’ll these are all a little spendy for me right now.  My sis’ has a Gaggia Classic . . . now that’s more like it!”
Judy studied the machines carefully.  There were several rows of them.  “No, I want something different than what my sister has,” Judy murmured softly.  Then she saw it. “Here’s a Philips Saeco Minuto Super Automatic Espresso Machine.  Judy read further. “No burnt coffee thanks to the 100 percent ceramic grinders.”  The price wasn’t too bad.  “Ah, look here is one that is for sale that is refurbished for a couple hundred dollars less!’  Judy put a mental note on that one.  She continued her research.  “Now here is a Breville Barista Express.  I’ve heard plenty of good reports on that one. Made in Italy too.  It is a little less money. Not too sure, though. . .”
Meanwhile outside on the side walk by the café lawn and rose garden, a handsome young stranger happened to glance in through the glass in Judy’s direction.  He decided that Judy was exceptionally attractive. Ian had not actually planned to stop by the café until a little later, but perhaps he would make an exception!
“All this espresso machine shopping has me worn out. I need an iced mocha  . . 3 shots!”  Judy stepped over to the bar and ordered her iced mocha from Joseph. Meanwhile, Ian cleverly picked a budding red rose, and tucked it in inside his coat. Then he stepped gingerly into the store.  Judy had a few sales brochures in her hand and took a seat at a table near the outside area.  Ian pretended to be interested in the espresso machine display. He decided he could use that to possibly introduce himself to this very attractive girl he had just spotted. He just thought she seemed extra beautiful and had that extra something, life and bounce that he loved to see in a woman.
Or is it just the coffee?” he mused to himself.  Ian looked over the espresso machines and pretended to be interested. After getting his coffee and a glass of water, he picked up a few sales brochures, and started over in her direction, hidden rose and all.  His heart was beating a little fast as he approached her table.  Judy looked up and smiled at him. He almost lost it right there.
“Excuse me . . . I saw you looking over the espresso machines.  I would really appreciate your opinion,” he blurted out, a little awkwardly. Judy looked up again, cocking a suspicious eyebrow in his direction.  “I need to make a decision on one fairly soon . . . mine broke down,” he lied. “May I join you?”  At this Judy just gave him a blank look.  He was a stranger, but he seemed fairly decent, she reasoned.  Then Ian pulled out the read rose and put it in his water glass and sat it in front of her.  Judy just laughed delightfully when she saw it.  It startled her a little and she had to gather her composure so the coffee didn’t come spurting out her nose.  Joseph, the head Barista couldn’t help but notice. He shook his head, and washed cups.   She grabbed a napkin in front of her.

“Oh let me help you,” said Ian grabbing an extra napkin.
“Sure,” Judy said.  Feeling a little embarrassed.  “Have a seat.  Very nice rose. Where did that come from?”
“Just outside her here,” he blushed.  “I saw you shopping for an espresso machine.  So what do you think?”
“Oh, I don’t know. There are quite a few to choose from. So what’s your name?”
“Ian . . . what’s yours?”
I was just planning on coming by here anyway.  I was always stopping by my sister Marge’s place for espresso on her day off. I decided it was time to buy my own. “
“Really. That sounds like a good idea. What kind of espresso machine does your sister have?”
It’s a Gaggia Classic.  She’s had it about a year. She really likes it,” Judy smiled. Her eyes were twinkling again now but for new reasons.  Ian’s eyes were bright and inviting. It was becoming apparent that this was becoming more than just a matter of which espresso machine was the best.  “I’m tending toward buying a Saeco Minuto Super-Automatic Machine. I like those one-touch-does-it-for-you machines.  They even have a refurbished one here for $200. Less. I might go for that one.”
“I saw that one.  It’s still a little spendy.  Why don’t you just buy a brand new Breville Barista Express?  They run between five and six hundred dollars?”
“Maybe,” Judy replied a bit coyly.  “But isn’t that a Semi-Automatic machine?”
“They say it’s very much like a Super-Automatic machine. It has many if the same features,” replied Ian, holding up the brochure.  “That’s the one I would buy.”
“Then why don’t you?”
“I think I will, as a matter of fact.”
“I’ll stick to the Philips Saeco Minuto. I think I’m sold on that one,” Judy stated with the  sound of commitment in her voice.
Then she shifted the conversation. “So do you live around here?  Tell me about yourself.”
“Yes, I do . . . but I’m originally from California.”
“Are you? So am I!  What part?”  Judy was really getting into knowing more about Ian.  After a few cups of coffee and another espresso for Judy . . . then a light lunch at the café . . . Judy and Ian were becoming rather well acquainted with each other’s history. By now Ian had removed his overcoat and had become quite comfortable.
“Well, I must say you are a very delightful girl!” Ian beamed.  I can’t just leave it here at this coffee bar. I like you very much,”  he admitted, his eyes shining happily.
“I like you too,” Judy smiled.”  The she got an impish thought. “But how will we ever know which espresso machine is best . . . the Saeco Minuto or the Breville Barista Express?”
Ian thought for a minute.  “You buy the Philips Saeco and I’ll buy the Breville and we’ll just have to try them out?”
“But how will we do that?” Judy asked with curiosity.
“We’ll just buy them and try them out at home.”
“We will?”
“Yeah . . . your place or mine?”
At this point the conversation had gone way beyond espresso machines.  By the end of the afternoon they had each bought their favorite espresso machine, and happily exchanged phone numbers.
Ten months later there was a wedding.  In their new home they had both the Saeco Minuto and the Breville Barista Express in the same kitchen warmly regarded as “his” and “hers.”  They never did figure out which one they loved better.  There came a point where it didn’t seem important any more.  Both espresso machines made excellent coffee . . . and what they really knew was that they loved each other best of all!

* * * *

More here on the selection of espresso machines discussed in this story and where to buy on Amazon.

They knw they were becoming more interested in more than espresso coffee machines.

They knew they were becoming interested in much more than just espresso coffee machines.