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Which are the Best Coffee Grinders?

Best Coffee Grinders for Espresso, Drip and French Press –

New High Tech Coffee Grinders set to Release Greater Flavor

By Kathie FitzPatrick

You may wonder, what is the big deal with a coffee grinder?  Why is one much better over the other?  Apparently, there is quite bit to know about them!  Some of the new brands introduce high technology that means greater flavor in your cup!  Let’s take a look at what elements make up the “Best Coffee Grinders,” and what  their best features are.

Roasted coffee beans ready for the grinder!

Buying a grinder of any type is a step in the right direction. It means that you’re buying your coffee beans whole and planning to grind them as needed. This is a huge step in the right direction because you just can’t beat the freshness and full-bodied flavor of freshly ground coffee.
Buying a coffee grinder means that you’ve elevated your game. You’re no longer a beginner when it comes to coffee. For most beginners, they start drinking coffee in any form that’s readily available. So they grab a cup at their local Dunkin’ Donuts, or anywhere else that sells coffee. At home, they tend to use the most widely advertised supermarket brands.
It’s only later that the true taste for “real” coffee develops. That’s when we tend to opt for the more robust flavor and an enhanced coffee experience.

For the coffee aficionado – you want the best available. This means buying coffee beans that satisfy your palette and give you that feeling of warmth and comfort with every sip. But to experience full-bodied flavor at its freshest, you need quality beans that are freshly-ground.

Therefore, to enjoy fresh, robust coffee on demand – at home or in the office – means you’ll need to have a coffee grinder of some sort.
There are basically three kinds: hand, blade, and burr grinders. The most basic is the hand grinder where you turn the crank and blend coffee beans (like a manual blender) into a consistency where it can be brewed.
The blade grinder is the most common type. You see these in big box stores and discount shops all over. That’s because they’re extremely inexpensive. But they’re not the best option because of the way they function. Blade grinders use a chopping action, which cuts the coffee bean into tiny grains. It chops the bean into a usable size for brewing.
The best type of coffee grinder by far is the burr grinder. This is what you see in every fine coffee shop and in the homes of serious coffee fans everywhere. Burr grinders use a set of steel (or ceramic) burrs to efficiently squeeze the coffee beans and grind them into a uniform consistency that provides the ultimate in freshness and flavor.

Can you tell a difference?

You will know the difference in the taste.

The more experienced you are as a serious coffee drinker, the more likely you are to distinguish the difference between pre-ground, blade ground, and burr-ground coffee from a quality machine.

In this article, my mission is to provide you with the today’s top choices of consumer grinders, favoured by the most discerning of coffee grinders. So it’s no surprise that all of the suggested models are in fact of the burr- grinding variety.

Baratza Sette 270 Conical Burr Coffee Grinder


The Baratza 270 Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

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The Baratza 270 and Baratza 270W are two of the most popular coffee grinders on the market today. Made by one of the most respected and best-known brands in the industry, these slick machines feature a grind adjustment dial that is a combination of a “stepped” and “step-less” system that allows you to precisely control the grind. 

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