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Do you Need a Rice Cooker or a Food Steamer?

Rice Cooker . . . or Food Steamer?

Everyone is more concerned about health these days and that preserving of nutrients in food, particularly vegetables, is key.

The largest plus to using a food steamer rather than a rice cooker is its versatility.  The standard food steamer lets you cook  a complete meal from, meat to vegetables to rice all at the same time.  Most food steamers have tiers so you can cook more than one type of food at the same time, and each with their own compartment and herbs. You can successfully cook meats, rice and vegetables preserving both flavor and nutrients in a food steamer. Using a food steamer has a big advantage in versatility. Food steamers come with timers and you can enjoy your meal all ready to go when you come home from that hard day of work. As you consider whether you need a Rice Cooker or Food Steamer, here are some selections to consider:


T-fal VC1338 Balanced Living Compact 2-Tier Electric Food Steamer, 4-Quart, Black   by T-fal

This an easy and healthy way do make dinner!

This unit is a 4-quart capacity, 2 tiers of 2 quarts each.
• 2 tiers with one containing a removable plate for larger items
• This unit has digital controls with 60-minute timer
• Thus steamer is compact for easy storage
• This unit has a 1-year limited warranty

“My husband and I are enjoying our steamer. It makes dinner a snap! Chicken breasts in the top and potatoes and broccoli in the bottom and dinner is done in 30-45 minutes. Cleaning up is pretty easy. ” –Amazon Review

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