Favortite Amazing Kitchen Gadgets Available on Amazon



Make Your Life Easier With These Brilliant and Amazing Kitchen Gadgets!

Here are some of the amazing kitchen gadgets available on Amazon. These are simple but brilliant gadgets that will make your life easier in the kitchen and life in general!

From quick slicing, cleaning, coring fruits and vegetables and more . . . you may want one of each!   Turbo charge your kitchen to a new level of efficiency with these simple items that speed up food prep and make food display in a more beautiful fashion. Here is a quick video that will review them!



1.  Pizza scissors – Scizza

Scizza. . . Get your amazing pizza scissors on Amazon

Dreamfarm Scizza – Pizza Scissors, Non-Stick and Pizza Stone Safe Pizza Cutter and Server (Red)

  • Scizza is a pizza cutter that perfectly slices any pizza on any surface and even serves too.  Handy kitchen gadget for all pizza lovers
  • Scizza won’t scratch your non-stick pans or dull on pizza stones
  • Hardened German stainless steel blades provide a sharp, long lasting, durable cutting edge
  • Non-Stick nylon base won’t scratch cookware and is heat resistant up to 205°C/ 400°F
  • Pizza scissors that easily work through deep dish pizza too.
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  • Click here to buy these handy pizza scissors  on Amazon
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  • 2.   SMOOD 

Smood potato avocado and vegetable masher

Smood- Mashing avocado

  • Dreamfarm Smood – One-Press Spring Coil Potato Masher with Silicone Pot Scraper (Red)

  • Make mashing potatoes or other cooked vegetables easy!
  • Effortlessly creates smooth mash in seconds by trapping food and forcing it through the thin gaps between the collapsing stainless steel spring coils
  • Soft multi-grip handle is ergonomically designed to be held in several comfortable and efficient hand positions
  • Unique spring design eliminates jarring on the wrist by absorbing the downward force
  • Silicone scraper makes it easy to clean the pot or bowl and is heat resistant to 260-Degree c/500-Degree f
  • This product is dishwasher-safe
  • Make life easier with this amazing kitchen gadget!
  • Click here to buy this handy kitchen item on Amazon!   
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  • 3. TAPI

  • Dreamfarm Tapi – Faucet Drinking Fountain, Fits Most Taps (Assorted Colors)

  • TAPI- Makes kitchen tap into a water fountain

  • Convenient tool makes your kitchen tap into a water fountain. Great for traveling too!
  • Tapi fits onto your kitchen tap and lets water pass through it normally
  • Squeeze it to redirect the water up, creating a drinking fountain
  • Drink or rinse your mouth straight from your tap without worrying about dirty hands, glasses  or cups
  • Not sure if it will fit your tap? Go to the Dreamfarm website for a fitting guide. Made of water-safe rubber.
  • Includes ONE Tapi, color will vary.Click here to buy TAPI on Amazon 
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4. Temji

Temji. Regulate the temperature in your shower or kitchen tap with Temji

Temji is a very handy tool that helps you adjust the water temperature on your kitchen tap or in your shower! This product recently moved from Amazon to Dreamfarm.  Here’s the link:

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5. Teafu

Infuse tea and eliminate the mess!


Dreamfarm DFTE8210 Teafu Tea Ball Strainers, Assorted Colors

Amazingly convenient tea infuser! Be kind to yourself. Buy a few of  these in various colors!

  • Eliminate the mess by squeezing out every last drop of tea into your cup before standing teafu up on the kitchen counter;
  • Easily scoop your favorite tea into teafu just like using a spoon because it opens completely flat;
  • Ergonomic handle makes it easy to squeeze teafu and infuse your tea quickly;
  • Premium-grade silicone is heat resistant to 500 farenheit.
  • Dishwasher safe;

Click here to purchase Teafu

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6. Garject

Amazing garlic press- Garject

Dreamfarm Garject – Self-Cleaning Garlic Press with Peel Eject (Red)

  • The Garject presses unpeeled garlic, scrapes itself clean, and then ejects the peel. Amazing.
  • Automatically scrapes off any excess garlic and cleans itself as you open up the handle
  • This product has a very clever design which ensures all of the pressed garlic gets into your meal and never on your fingers
  • Simply push the ‘peel eject’ button to shoot the peel into the trash, then rinse under water and garject is clean
  •  Dishwasher safe. Place on top rack
  • Truly amazing kitchen gadget

To buy  Garject on Amazon, click here

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  • 7. Chopula

  • The amazing Chopula…get yours today!

  • Dreamfarm Chopula – Super-Flexible Chopping Sit Up Spatula – Safe for Non-Stick (Red)

  • Chopula is a spatula that is thin and flexible for flipping and strong for chopping on its side. Amazing
  • Great for separating meat or eggs in a pan, flipping pancakes, or serving right to the pan
  • Keep counter clean thanks to the clever bended handle which holds the head upward
  • Flexible, large head slides easily under food for a clean lift or flip that keeps even fragile food in one piece
  • Dishwasher safe; Non-stick safe nylon is heat resistant up to 250°C/480°F
  • Materials: Nylon
  • Love it!
  • Buy Chopula on Amazon right here
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