Jura Impressa C5 and Jura Impressa F7 Plus Other Selections


The Amazing World of Jura Espresso Machines

One of the most well known and respected world leaders in manufacturing of automatic espresso coffee machines is JURA, INC. They have brought a variety of elements to the world of espresso coffee machine technology: fine engineering, sophistication, quality, creative design, and ease of use to help create a very fine home espresso experience for today’s modern coffee connoisseurs.

Exceptional brewing experience

Exceptional Espresso!

Exceptional Espresso!

The JURA espresso machines are known for producing the very finest high-pressure brewed coffee, espresso, lattes, and cappuccino. Frothing doesn’t have to be hard even for the beginner on a JURA espresso machine. The Jura coffee machine offers more choices in coffee volume and coffee strength than any of the competitive models. Grinding beans fresh assures the best and highest yield of both aroma and flavor.

Swiss origination

Jura has their parent company located in Switzerland known as JURA AG.  Jura has become a global leader in the production of fine automatic coffee centers currently marketing to over 40 countries. Their impressive USA base is located in Montvale, N.J.

Jura offers a wide variety of styles in the world of fine espresso coffee machines. Let’s take a look!

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Jura C5 Impressa Machine Fully Automatic Espresso Machine-Model 13531

Reading through reviews of customers who purchased the JURA 13531 Impressa C5 Fully Automated Espresso Machine over the last few years, they were over all quite pleased!  One customer had the machine on her wish list for years when it finally became possible to purchase it.  She was not disappointed, she said. One owner who had purchased the machine 3 months prior said he was “Totally pleased.”  He had upgraded from a C 1000, upgrading to the Impressa C-5 with the Froth X-Press, which he seemed to like very much.  The owners of the C-5 expressed in reviews that the machine was easy to program, easy to use and easy to clean. You do have to be aware that this machine requires purchasing clearly Blue Filters and special tablets to clean the. machine.  This is something to keep in mind.

The Jura Impressa C5 Black Espresso Machine is considered to be the most affordable model in the Impressa line that’s full of automation features and delivers the various aromatic specialty coffee drinks with the push of a button.

While it’s not designed for one touch like some, it still allows you to make a frothy cappuccino or a creamy latte with its Dual Frother Plus system. Whether use it for your daily coffee enjoyment or entertain a house full of guests, the Impressa C5 is ready to please and perform.

Several owners of the Jura Espresso Impressa C-5 mentioned that they had to be sure and heed warnings from the manufacturer not to use oily beans or specialty flavored beans in the grinder.

Here are a few of the features of the Jura Impressa C-5:

The Jura Impressa C- 5 has a 1450-watt automatic coffee machine with 15-bar pump and stainless-steel ThermoBlock heating system

  • Rotary dial for choosing coffee or espresso and 1 or 2 cups; Intelligent Pre Brew Aroma System
  • 6-setting conical steel burr grinder; separate funnel for pre-ground coffee; 5-16-gram brewing chamber
  • Adjustable-height coffee spout; Easy Cappuccino Frother or hot water nozzle; removable water tank
  • Measures 15 by 11-1/2 by 13-1/2 inches

One reviewer-owner summed it up when she said, “Almost everything you read about this beautiful machine is true… (And) The espresso is excellent.”

Another owner of the C-5 Jura Impressa who had owned her machine for 4 years said it was still going strong! Their family members agreed that they hardly purchase coffee anywhere else.  They just wait until they get home.  Her sister-in- law who was visiting said the high quality of the taste of the espresso far surpassed most anything she’d personally ever had anywhere else! Their owners agreed that this was a truly fine Jura espresso machine!

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Jura GIGA 5 Automatic Coffee Machine 

Jura Giga 5 Automatic Coffee Machine

Wow, this is one of those “Ultimate” Automatic Espresso machines!  As one satisfied customer put it, “Pricey, but worth every penny!” Let’s take a look at what makes the Jura GIGA 5 one of the very best choices for the perfect espresso machine for your home!

The GIGA 5 lets you measure and blend your perfect mixture of decaf and regular beans.  This machine programs for many different kinds of coffee styles, perfect for family use. The ability to make 2 cups at the same time is a real time saver in the morning. Cleaning is extremely easy and the machine tells you when you need to clean and run maintenance on it. Once happy customer did mention this point in an amazon review: “The only suggestion I would have would be to have a larger coffee ground bin, we drink so much coffee we have to empty it every other day!

What are some of the features of the Jura GIGA 5 that make it so special and unique?

The GIGA 5 has the double power of two grinders and two heating systems.  This high quality espresso machine prepares specialty coffee and espresso to perfection!   This unique grinder extracts the aroma from the coffee and channels them into the cup.  GIGA’s electronically controlled motors are responsible for precision grinding with virtually wear free ceramic grinders.  This cannot be manually adjusted, and adds to the perfection of the end result.

With GIGA it’s easy to create the specialty coffee drink of your choice with the intuitive TFT control concept and easy to read preparation buttons.  Much heat and steam are produced in a space as it houses two powerful grinders, two pumps and two heating systems.  The heat is scientifically guided out by adjustable Venti Ports, which also supply fresh air working perfectly along  with the electronic ventilation system.  This machine also has a unique  integrated cappuccino rinsing/cleaning program, and a maintenance status tray.  The GIGA5 lets you know when it’s time for descaling the machine (in case if hard water).  It’s nice to have that variable brewing chamber for individual coffee strength and preparation of two cups in just one brewing operation.  Here are a few other features:

This machine is fast and quiet as a whisper thanks to two ceramic disc grinders.
• 17 individually programmable specialty coffees
• Create your specialty coffee in no time thanks to a TFT display with Rotary Selection
• Pure, clean lines for a unique, sovereign character
• Made in Switzerland

Here some additional comments from owners of the Jura GIGA 5 home espresso machine:

One particular customer of the GIGA 5 commented on an amazon review that he had quite a history owning various brands of espresso machines.  Thuis individual had owned a good number of different super-automatic machines from Jura, Delonghi, Gaggia, and Saeco (now Philips), and that he could  say hands down that this was the best machine he  have ever used.  “Where to start? Coffee quality is amazing, great crema, and the ceramic bur grinders are very quiet…” This owner loved everything about his GIGA 5!

Another Jura GIGA 5 owner commented in a review that the great thing about this coffee center is the ability to blend decaf with caffeinated beans.  He likes to fill one bowl with decaf and one bowl with caffeinated beans and set the grinder for 50% from each bowl, this way when they drink several cups we are not drinking to the point of jitters.  He mentioned that the added options for so many different types of coffee was indeed wonderful.   “Everyone in our home prefers a different type. The ability to make 2 cups at the same time is a real time saver in the morning. Cleaning is extremely easy and the machine tells you when you need to clean and run maintenance on it!”

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Jura Home Espresso Machine-Z6-Aluminum

They say that Jura took its inspiration from the best coffee baristas in the world when designing this espresso machine!

Featuring the unique and high specialized Jura Pulse Extraction Process, this a cutting edge technology.  This feature allows the Z6 to optimize extraction time, allowing even short specialty coffees like ristretto and espresso to be prepared with an intensity of aromas like never before.

Owners will enjoy the user-friendly features such as front-accessible bean hopper and water reservoir, reprogrammable, intuitive controls, a milk system that automatically switches between milk, steam and frothing.  The Z6 can automatically switch from frothed to steamed milk and offers customizable temperature. Automatic water filter detection helps ensure the best taste as well as longer equipment life. For the ultimate crowning touch, Jura has made the Z6 even easier to use than all its predecessors and has even added the new favorite beverage sweeping the nation: the flat white, which layers milk above the espresso.

Ten individual coffee strength levels allow you to be able to  fine-tune each drink to personal preference. The result: the best Jura espresso coffee of all time and  ‘at the touch of only one button!

 Milk Frothing Perfection

The secret of the Jura Z6’s newfound milk frothing prowess is an automatically regulated ceramic air intake. It ensures that, based on the drink selection, the milk either steamed only or simultaneously frothed into rich, velvety foam. Both the milk and milk foam temperatures can be customized with 10 different settings. The milk is delivered automatically, and cleaning cycles plus  easy-to-remove parts ensure proper operation.

The Jura Z-6 offers an amazing and satisfying bean to cup experience for one of the great leaders in automatic espresso machines for the home.

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Jura J95 Home Espresso machine-Automatic-Carbon

Jura J95 Espresso Machine

Jura J95 Espresso Machine

The Jura J95 model features a TFT display with Rotary Selection.  This machine can produce a Latte macchiato and cappuccino at the touch of a button!  The height of the cappuccino spout is adjustable (4.4-6 in), a convenient feature.  The Jura J95 also specializes in fine foam technology, and has a stainless steel 20 oz. vacuum milk container.

In the Amazon customer reviews a purchaser mentioned that she had upgraded to the Jura J95 from an Impressa F7 that she had owner for 10 years, and couldn’t be happier!  She commented how much she liked the strong coffee and Ristretti that the J95 made.  There is a way to set the coffee strength on the Jura j95, which this customer loved!  Another plus that was mentioned was the nicely finished backside of the Jura J95 espresso machine.  No need to put it against the wall, it can look very nice and operate just fine on a kitchen island!

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Jura IMPRESSA F7 Automatic Coffee Machine

The Aroma Plus Grinder reduces grinding time and noise.

  • This espresso machine produces a wide range of beverages from ristretto, espresso and coffee to cappuccino
  •  It has a simple operating concept with centrally positioned preparation buttons
  •  The Jura F7 is energy-efficient and ready for use
  •  This machine has a eight-adjustable coffee and milk spout (2.6 – 4.4 in.)


A review on a Jura F7 from a happy Amazon customer:

“If you’re reading this review it is because you are likely doing some research into buying such a machine. This is my second ‘super-automatic.’ The first one was a year 2000 model Saeco which I was very happy with. The fact that I’m buying another one is my testament to how awesome these machines are. You probably have either had one already or are getting ready to take the big step into buying one. In a nutshell, here’s the appeal: Pour in whole beans, water, and turn it on. Press a button and it grinds beans for one cup, then makes coffee, then dumps the grinds in a container and voila! These machines make the most incredibly tasty single-cup java, really fast, and really inexpensive. I will base my review on Cost, Quality/dependability, and Functionality/Ease of Use.”

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Jura 13572 ENA 9 One Touch Coffee Machine (Certified Refurbished)

One way to get a good deal on a Jura espresso machine is to check Amazon for a refurbished one.  Here is a good example: A Jura 13572 ENA 9. See photo above.

One Touch Coffee (Refurbished)

This Certified Refurbished Jura product is tested & certified by Jura to look and work like-new. The machine includes all original accessories, and is backed by a 90 day warranty.
Features include:
• Height-adjustable dual spout, Cappuccino / Coffee (75 – 125 mm / 3 and 5 inch); Aroma Boost for extra coffee kick
• 6 different products at the touch of a button; Just 23.8 cm (9 inches) wide; Double coat of metallic-look glossy silver lacquer
• Programmable amount of water; Adjustable coffee strength; Adjustable, conical burr grinder
• Thermoblock heating system with high performance 15-bar pump; Integrated rinsing, cleaning and descaling program.

In an Amazon review a woman commented that a relative has this refurbished machine.  Every time she visited them she fell in love with how good the coffee was and how easy it was to use the machine.   She mentioned that it makes four cups of coffee, no problem in the morning and a lot more when they have company.   She said that her relatives have had the refurbished machine for 2 years with no problem.   The Jura ENA One touch is still on her “wish list,” as soon as she can convince her husband to buy it, she said!

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Jura Impressa F-8 Automatic Coffee Machine

Wow.  All I can say is that this Jura Impressa f-8 Automatic Coffee Machine has a lot of happy fans!

Owners mention in Amazon reviews that they love that Jura has added so many automated reminders and safety features to keep  the Jura Impressa F-8 easily running in tip top shape.  The LED monitor in this machine is also favorite feature.

Coffee lovers enjoy making that consistent cup of strong coffee or espresso every morning, and mention that they are able to accomplish that with this machine. “We programmed our recipe and now we just push one button every morning and that great cup is poured, ” one happy owner mentioned.

Here’s our bullet list of the detailed features people love about the Jura Impressa-F8 Automatic Coffee machine:

TFT display with Rotary Selection
• Inspiring range of beverages
• Aroma plus grinder now twice as fast
• Revolutionary fine foam technology
• Treat yourself to a great-tasting cup of coffee

Here’s a nice quote from an owner which kind of says it all:

“My wife and I love this espresso maker. It makes a wonderful and hot espresso, cappuccino and coffee. It is easy to use as well as maintain daily and seems fairly fool proof for me.”

Jura Impressa Z9 Automatic Coffeemaker

Here we go with another huge favorite from the world of Jura!

In common terms this is a Super-Automatic home espresso maker.

The Jura Impressa Z9 home espresso machine does so many things for you at the touch of a button, it’s easy to feel like you are living in coffee luxury land!

“Amazing!” says one Jura Impressa Z9 Owner.

Another certified amazon purchaser wrote that he had owned an espresso machine for 15 years.  When it was time for a replacement, and after much research he purchased the Jura Impressa Z9. He has been very satisfied with is purchase.

Reviewer-owners also say that there is a dial control that produces steam, hot milk or froth, depending on the setting.  The froth has an excellent texture and is perfect every time!

Other “fav” features include that the  bean container is located under a cover on top of the machine. The container has a lid which helps keep beans fresh. It’s little things like that which make this a quality machine. There is a bypass doser which allows you to brew decaf or flavored coffee. The bypass doser requires pre-ground beans.

The same owner mentioned that Jura recommends daily basic maintenance, which involves filling the water reservoir and dumping the waste bin. The design is very simple–there is a water tank on the left side of the machine which you remove and fill. There is a pull-out tray that you pull forward to access the waste bin and overflow tray. It’s a quick 3-minute job to complete daily maintenance.

Not bad for outstanding strong coffee and espresso specialty drinks of all kinds!


Jura, Inc. produces some of the most fine and well engineered home espresso machines on the market and is a leader in espresso machine design and technology.  Choose your model and style and price range.  Jura also has wonderful and dependable customer service for follow up on your Jura home espresso machine machine.  You really can’t go wrong!  Pick out your favorite and purchase today!

Love my Jura Espresso Maker!

Love my Jura Espresso Coffee Maker!