Which Nespresso Machine is Right for You?

Cappuccino coffee...one of the favorite specialty coffee drinks!

Cappuccino coffee…one of the favorite specialty coffee drinks made with a Nespresso machine!

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“Which Nespresso Machine Shall I Buy?”

Nespresso Citiz C111 Espresso Maker with Aeroccino Plus Milk Frothier, Chrome


Which Nespresso machine makes cappuccinos and lattes?”

Here we go . . . this one does!

This Nespresso machine includes an Aeroccino Plus milk frothier, rapid one touch preparation of hot or cold milk froth for Cappuccino, Latte and Iced Cappuccino
Owners notice an easy insertion and ejection of the coffee capsules.  This model of Nespresso  holds 10 used capsules. It also has a removable 34-ounce water tank. This is for use with Nespresso coffee capsules only.
The Nespresso Citiz is a good example of compact brewing unit technology.  Fast preheating time is 25 seconds. This machine has a 19 Bar high pressure pump. The automatic power turns off off after 9 minutes of inactivity
This machine also has an automatic and programmable coffee volume quantity (Espresso and Lungo). Items sold separately valued at $348.
The flexible pivoting tray accommodates tall recipe glasses!

Buy the Nespresso Citiz C111 Espresso Maker on Amazon:

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Which Nespresso Machine Should I buy?

Here are a few questions posted on Amazon reviews from people considering owning a Nespresso machine or who already own one:

Question:  Can you also make just plain coffee with this model?

Answer: No. If you want one that makes coffee and espresso look at the Nespresso Vertuoline machines.

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Freshest beans? Is Home Coffee Roasting for You?

The Importance of Fresh Coffee Beans . . .

Is Home Coffee Roasting for You?

Green and brown decaf unroasted and black roasted coffee beans as background.

Green beans will make the transformation to freshly roasted coffee beans in our cup!


Ah, if you are a coffee lover there is nothing like fresh coffee beans in your cup!
Since the critical top priority in making a full and flavorful cup of coffee is in the freshness of the beans, let’s get to the bottom of it.  You can sometimes find a source of freshly roasted beans close by your home through various coffee stores or specialty shops, or possibly through mail subscription, or you can decide to roast the green coffee beans at home yourself.  More about home coffee roasting later.
When you look around the local grocery store where you shop you probably assume that the beans on the shelf are fresh, but this often just not the case.

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Best Home Coffee Bean Roasters

Table of Contents

So why do people do home coffee roasting?

Freshly roasted coffee . . . there's nothing like it.

Freshly roasted coffee . . . there’s nothing like it.

I watch people on-line passionately stirring those green coffee beans in a frying pan on their stoves at home, patiently waiting for those precious “cracks” to signal the first sign that their roast is about done.  The first crack finally makes a loud pop or a crack sound like a branch breaking. Then here is comes, the second crack that sounds like rice krispies . . . ah, now it’s  time to pull it off and cool it in a colander, and eyeball that perfect medium roast.

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Cuckoo Rice Cooker Review

Cuckoo CRP-HR)*^7F 8 Cup Rice Cooker

Cuckoo CRP-HR0867F 8 Cup Rice Cooker

Best Cuckoo Rice Cooker

By Kathie FitzPatrick

It’s no secret that the rice cooker Cuckoo Brand has been a top favorite in the world of rice cookers. Let’s take a look at the wide variety of Cuckoo Rice Cookers, and see what makes them unique.

Best Cuckoo Rice Cooker Review

Cuckoo CRP-EHSS0309F Smart IH Pressure Rice Cooker

Cuckoo Rice Cooker EHSS0309F Smart IH

Cuckoo Rice Cooker
EHSS0309F Smart IH

Cuckoo CRP-EHSS0309F Smart IH Pressure Rice Cooker, 110v, Metallic

White cup full of rice with vegetables

White cup full of rice with vegetables

It is time to discover a  rice cooker with the advantages of induction heating.   You will be happy to taste the difference.  This style of rice cooker is full of delightful differences.  This type of rice cooker will produce chewy but soft, and just plain delicious rice.  The difference will be clear if you try the same rice with different style rice cooker.

Such an induction heating pressure rice cooker will assure your rice stays fresh not just for hours,  but that the rice stays fresh for days! You will be happy to learn that you have  lots of cooking options.  If you are a beginner, don’t be worried. You will learn quickly how to cook rice in induction stove. Once you buy induction pressure rice cooker, you will also receive a rice paddle and a measuring cup included in the price.

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Best Rice Cooker – Reviews

Why Buy a Rice Cooker?

Zojrushi Rice Cooker Micom NS TSC10

Zojirushi Rice Cooker Micom NS TSC

Which is the Best Rice Cooker? 

An electric rice cooker makes the task of cooking rice almost effortless. Doing it by hand takes time and it can get tricky. There’s so many ways to mess up when making rice, and it doesn’t take much to ruin a fresh batch.

Making it by hand requires having the perfect pot and lid that seals well and keeps the steam inside. You have to get the water and rice (or other liquid) to the perfect temperature before you put the lid on. Timing and quantities are everything. But what if you had a machine that automatically adjusted things to give you fabulous rice at any time?

Timing is key and it depends on the type of rice and exactly how you like it. And the best rice cookers can make your life a lot easier, particularly if you routinely have rice as part of your family’s weekly meals.

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Best Microwave Toaster Oven Combinations

Best Microwave Toaster Oven Combos

 The Best Best of Both Worlds  –

 By Kathie FitzPatrick

Cuisinart CMW -200 Combination Microwave and Convection Oven

Microwave Toaster Oven Combos –

Microwave with Toaster Oven


Microwave Ovens . . . we love them!

Microwave ovens are handy tools of convenience in any kitchen, and lately they’ve come along way. Traditional microwaves have been somewhat limiting in terms of functionality. That’s when it’s useful to also have a conventional oven, toaster oven and convection oven too. But the ultimate in convenience and efficiency is to combine the functions of these various ovens into one appliance.

You may review these amazing Combos, and still be bent on buying and using one or the other. If so, I have listed a few outstanding standalone models. But if you are curious about the advantages of that rare new breed, the Microwave Toaster Oven Combination, then read on.

Can you have the two in one? The best toaster oven combo you can find today does exactly that…it combines the functions of these various ovens into one. Fortunately, there are more than one. But choosing can be challenging. The best combination cooking appliances maximize convenience with features like multi-stage programming, sensor-controlled cooking, single-touch quick starts and delayed starts. These built-in functions enable you to prepare a wide variety of dishes in a single oven – almost effortlessly.
What Is A Convection Microwave?

Each type of oven functions differently. Standalone microwave ovens are in a category by themselves. But toaster ovens and convection ovens are similar in that they produce a lot of external heat. This requires plenty of space for venting something a standard microwave doesn’t typically require.

With any combination unit you’re considering, you need to be sure that you allow adequate space for proper ventilation. If you have a built-in microwave that’s expired and you want to replace it with the best microwave toaster oven or microwave convection oven combo, you can probably find one that would fit into the space occupied by your old microwave. But it should never be installed there. You need to allow for plenty of air circulation – a minimum of 3 inches on the sides and 12 inches on top.

What most people love about these combination units is that they can handle virtually any kind of cooking or warming. Yet they use far less space and energy than full-size conventional ovens. They’re much more efficient too – a key for busy people and active families today.

Many toaster combo ovens you to switch from one mode to another without stopping the machine and changing the settings. But if you’re not careful when using it in microwave mode, then you switch to oven mode, any spills that get splattered on the surface will get baked on. This makes it a little bit more difficult for cleaning – just as it does with a traditional oven.

All ovens need to be cleaned from time to time and it’s a lot easier to wipe own when the surfaces are smooth. That’s not the case with a conventional oven – nor is it the case with a convection or toaster oven. But they make life so much easier in preparing snacks and meals that they’re well worth considering for any kitchen.

For some really great Microwave Toaster Oven lunch recipes, click here:

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Best Microwave Toaster Oven Combinations

What Makes These So Popular?

The major appeal of these combo units is the multiple cooking functionality they provide. You can use the microwave to quickly warm or bring your food to a certain temperature as the oven preheats. Then switch to the convection oven function, which circulate air and creates a more even cooking throughout. It can even lightly crisp and brown the outside of a lasagna or casserole.

Best Toaster Oven Combos Reviewed

Let’s take a quick look at the top toaster oven combos and best microwave ovens available today.

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Kindle Fire Tablet $49.99

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DeLonghi BC0330T Combination Drip Coffee and Espresso Machine

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Cyber Monday Espresso coffee maker Combo

Espresso coffee maker combo

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DeLonghi BCO320T Combination Espresso and Drip Coffee- Black    

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Red Enameled Dutch Oven. There a several varieties to choose from!

Picture This Red Enameled Dutch Oven on your Stove!

Picture This Red Enameled Dutch Oven on your Stove!

Enjoy this Red Enameled Dutch oven on your Kitchen or give as a gift!


Spiceberry Dutch Oven


Strikingly bBautiful Casserole Dish for your Next Party!

Strikingly Beautiful Casserole Dish for your Next Party!

Jura Impressa C5 and Jura Impressa F7 Plus Other Selections

Table of Contents

The Amazing World of Jura Espresso Machines

One of the most well known and respected world leaders in manufacturing of automatic espresso coffee machines is JURA, INC. They have brought a variety of elements to the world of espresso coffee machine technology: fine engineering, sophistication, quality, creative design, and ease of use to help create a very fine home espresso experience for today’s modern coffee connoisseurs.

Exceptional brewing experience

Exceptional Espresso!

Exceptional Espresso!

The JURA espresso machines are known for producing the very finest high-pressure brewed coffee, espresso, lattes, and cappuccino. Frothing doesn’t have to be hard even for the beginner on a JURA espresso machine. The Jura coffee machine offers more choices in coffee volume and coffee strength than any of the competitive models. Grinding beans fresh assures the best and highest yield of both aroma and flavor.

Swiss origination

Jura has their parent company located in Switzerland known as JURA AG.  Jura has become a global leader in the production of fine automatic coffee centers currently marketing to over 40 countries. Their impressive USA base is located in Montvale, N.J.

Jura offers a wide variety of styles in the world of fine espresso coffee machines. Let’s take a look! Continue reading

Which are the Best Coffee Grinders?

Best Coffee Grinders for Espresso, Drip and French Press –

New High Tech Coffee Grinders set to Release Greater Flavor

By Kathie FitzPatrick

You may wonder, what is the big deal with a coffee grinder?  Why is one much better over the other?  Apparently, there is quite bit to know about them!  Some of the new brands introduce high technology that means greater flavor in your cup!  Let’s take a look at what elements make up the “Best Coffee Grinders,” and what  their best features are.

Roasted coffee beans ready for the grinder!

Buying a grinder of any type is a step in the right direction. It means that you’re buying your coffee beans whole and planning to grind them as needed. This is a huge step in the right direction because you just can’t beat the freshness and full-bodied flavor of freshly ground coffee.
Buying a coffee grinder means that you’ve elevated your game. You’re no longer a beginner when it comes to coffee. For most beginners, they start drinking coffee in any form that’s readily available. So they grab a cup at their local Dunkin’ Donuts, or anywhere else that sells coffee. At home, they tend to use the most widely advertised supermarket brands.
It’s only later that the true taste for “real” coffee develops. That’s when we tend to opt for the more robust flavor and an enhanced coffee experience.

For the coffee aficionado – you want the best available. This means buying coffee beans that satisfy your palette and give you that feeling of warmth and comfort with every sip. But to experience full-bodied flavor at its freshest, you need quality beans that are freshly-ground.

Therefore, to enjoy fresh, robust coffee on demand – at home or in the office – means you’ll need to have a coffee grinder of some sort.
There are basically three kinds: hand, blade, and burr grinders. The most basic is the hand grinder where you turn the crank and blend coffee beans (like a manual blender) into a consistency where it can be brewed.
The blade grinder is the most common type. You see these in big box stores and discount shops all over. That’s because they’re extremely inexpensive. But they’re not the best option because of the way they function. Blade grinders use a chopping action, which cuts the coffee bean into tiny grains. It chops the bean into a usable size for brewing.
The best type of coffee grinder by far is the burr grinder. This is what you see in every fine coffee shop and in the homes of serious coffee fans everywhere. Burr grinders use a set of steel (or ceramic) burrs to efficiently squeeze the coffee beans and grind them into a uniform consistency that provides the ultimate in freshness and flavor.

Can you tell a difference?

You will know the difference in the taste.

The more experienced you are as a serious coffee drinker, the more likely you are to distinguish the difference between pre-ground, blade ground, and burr-ground coffee from a quality machine.

In this article, my mission is to provide you with the today’s top choices of consumer grinders, favoured by the most discerning of coffee grinders. So it’s no surprise that all of the suggested models are in fact of the burr- grinding variety.

Baratza Sette 270 Conical Burr Coffee Grinder


The Baratza 270 Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Click here to buy this Baratza Sette 270 on Amazon

The Baratza 270 and Baratza 270W are two of the most popular coffee grinders on the market today. Made by one of the most respected and best-known brands in the industry, these slick machines feature a grind adjustment dial that is a combination of a “stepped” and “step-less” system that allows you to precisely control the grind. 

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Discovery of Coffee and a Little History

They say that the discovery of coffee had to do with a herd of goats!

They say that the discovery of coffee had to do with a herd of goats!

The Discovery of Coffee–Truth or Legend?

By Kathie FitzPatrick

The colorful and interesting story of the discovery of coffee goes back centuries to the country of Ethiopia. At that time ancient coffee forests grew in the wild upon the lush hills of the Ethiopian plateaus. It was around 850 A.D.

One day a young goatherd named Kaldi seemed to be managing his goats in the usual way on a normal sunny afternoon.  He noticed that his goats wandered off into some colorful looking bushes with red berries on them.  Not thinking too much about it he went along with his normal duties.

After awhile he called out to his goats to move on. Normally they responded, and even knew their names when he called them.  But not this time.  Kaldi went up the hill to check further on how his goats were doing.  When he came upon them he found his goats to be acting very strangely.  There were leaping up in the air kicking and even butting heads with each other. They seemed to be acting in a wild and strange way.

“What has become of my goats?  Are they bewitched?” Kaldi wondered. They were very interested in staying in that one spot, and grazing on the bushes there.  Kaldi could not seem to herd his goats to come with him back to the normal pasture.  He finally had to give up on them, and leave them in that location for the night.

When he came back the next day they were still grazing in the same location, and acting the same way, jumping, leaping  and dashing around with unusual energy. I guess we might say today that they were acting “super-caffeinated.”  The goats did not seem to sleep hardly at all.

Kaldi went over to the bushes with the red berries and picked a few.  He held them in the palms of his hands up to his eyes and studied them.  What was different about these bushes with the red berries, he wondered?

Kaldi couldn’t resist trying them himself. 

You guessed it. He got to feeling pretty high and pretty weird right away.

Kaldi took the berries to an Abbot at a nearby monastery, and told him about what happened to his goats.  Upon studying Kaldi, the Monks though perhaps it was him  that was acting bewitched!

“Those berries are of the devil!” the Abbot exclaimed, as he threw the beans into the fire.  The aroma of roasting beans quickly filled the room. The pleasant coffee aroma could hardly be ignored.

Later, the Abbot tried boiling hot water and adding the berries to make a drink.  The result was that the Abbot an the rest of the Monks hardly slept at all that night after drinking the mixture.  He decided that it was good to use the drink to keep him awake during long hours of evening prayer. . . or to awake in the early morning for his prayer and duties around the monastery.  He soon told the other monks about it.  As you can imagine word of such a good thing spread very quickly!

Although this story is sometimes referred to as a “legend,” it sounds like the truth to me!  Here is another version if this story you might enjoy!  Click on the link  above to view it from the www.gocoffeego.com  site.

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