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Best Microwave Toaster Oven Combinations

Best Microwave Toaster Oven Combos

 The Best Best of Both Worlds  –

 By Kathie FitzPatrick

Cuisinart CMW -200 Combination Microwave and Convection Oven

Microwave Toaster Oven Combos –

Microwave with Toaster Oven


Microwave Ovens . . . we love them!

Microwave ovens are handy tools of convenience in any kitchen, and lately they’ve come along way. Traditional microwaves have been somewhat limiting in terms of functionality. That’s when it’s useful to also have a conventional oven, toaster oven and convection oven too. But the ultimate in convenience and efficiency is to combine the functions of these various ovens into one appliance.

You may review these amazing Combos, and still be bent on buying and using one or the other. If so, I have listed a few outstanding standalone models. But if you are curious about the advantages of that rare new breed, the Microwave Toaster Oven Combination, then read on.

Can you have the two in one? The best toaster oven combo you can find today does exactly that…it combines the functions of these various ovens into one. Fortunately, there are more than one. But choosing can be challenging. The best combination cooking appliances maximize convenience with features like multi-stage programming, sensor-controlled cooking, single-touch quick starts and delayed starts. These built-in functions enable you to prepare a wide variety of dishes in a single oven – almost effortlessly.
What Is A Convection Microwave?

Each type of oven functions differently. Standalone microwave ovens are in a category by themselves. But toaster ovens and convection ovens are similar in that they produce a lot of external heat. This requires plenty of space for venting something a standard microwave doesn’t typically require.

With any combination unit you’re considering, you need to be sure that you allow adequate space for proper ventilation. If you have a built-in microwave that’s expired and you want to replace it with the best microwave toaster oven or microwave convection oven combo, you can probably find one that would fit into the space occupied by your old microwave. But it should never be installed there. You need to allow for plenty of air circulation – a minimum of 3 inches on the sides and 12 inches on top.

What most people love about these combination units is that they can handle virtually any kind of cooking or warming. Yet they use far less space and energy than full-size conventional ovens. They’re much more efficient too – a key for busy people and active families today.

Many toaster combo ovens you to switch from one mode to another without stopping the machine and changing the settings. But if you’re not careful when using it in microwave mode, then you switch to oven mode, any spills that get splattered on the surface will get baked on. This makes it a little bit more difficult for cleaning – just as it does with a traditional oven.

All ovens need to be cleaned from time to time and it’s a lot easier to wipe own when the surfaces are smooth. That’s not the case with a conventional oven – nor is it the case with a convection or toaster oven. But they make life so much easier in preparing snacks and meals that they’re well worth considering for any kitchen.

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Best Microwave Toaster Oven Combinations

What Makes These So Popular?

The major appeal of these combo units is the multiple cooking functionality they provide. You can use the microwave to quickly warm or bring your food to a certain temperature as the oven preheats. Then switch to the convection oven function, which circulate air and creates a more even cooking throughout. It can even lightly crisp and brown the outside of a lasagna or casserole.

Best Toaster Oven Combos Reviewed

Let’s take a quick look at the top toaster oven combos and best microwave ovens available today.

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