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Best Stainless Steel Cookware Set

Whether you are cooking for yourself and a spouse, a larger family or for entertaining, you will need to evaluate the best cookware for yourself. There is a wide range of styles of cookware, but stainless steel cookware is coming back around in popularity. The reason for this is that people would rather not figure out if other types of cookware have material on the cooking surface that is flaking off into the food they are cooking!

While many people who enjoy cooking have turned to nonstick cookware, in recent years there has once again been high interest in stainless steel cookware which has been returning in popularity because of its outstanding performance in the kitchen and long range durability. You will need a variety of sizes and types such as frying pans, saucepans or larger pots.

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What are the Different types of Stainless Steel Cookware?

When shopping for stainless steel cookware there are a few important numbers to look for which indicate the grade of the cookware. These numbers differentiate between the different types of stainless steel, so you should know what these numbers mean before you buy.

  • 18/8 and 18/10 – This is the most common number you’ll see on high-quality stainless steel cookware and items for your kitchen. These numbers refer to the amount of chromium and nickel found in the cookware, and this type is the most rust and corrosion resistant because of its high content. These may also be referred to as 300-series stainless steel.
  • 18/0 – This type of cookware contains almost no nickel, so it is more likely to show corrosion over time. It is typically less expensive than 300-series metals, though, and it is still considered to be medium high quality.
  • 200 series – This is generally the least expensive of all of the types of stainless steel, but it is prone to corrosion and rust, so you will find that you will need to be replace it fairly quickly.

We are going to take a look at some of the high quality and best stainless steel cookware sets, and investigate the various stainless steel cookware brands.

Going Beyond just Basic Kitchen Pots and Pans —

Best  Rated Stainless Steel Cookware Set

360 Cookware Stainless Steel Cookware Set, 21-Piece Set


This set of stainless steel has cladded 3 ply construction w/110 gauge thickness
• Vapor Cooking
• Allows you to cook without the use of water or oil
• Includes Slow Cooker Base
• Create healthier meals

Click here to buy this high quality stainless steel set from Amazon

* * * *

360 Cookware Stainless Steel Cookware Set, 15-piece

Cladded 3 ply construction w/110 gauge thickness

  • Vapor Cooking
  • Cook without the use of water or oil
  • Saves energy and time
  • Create healthier meals   

Click here to buy this 360 stainless steel cooking set from Amazon

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360 Cookware Stainless Steel Cookware Set, 9-Piece


This stainless steel cookware set has Cladded 3 ply construction w/110 gauge thickness

  • Vapor Cooking
  • Cook without the use of water or oil
  • Includes Slow Cooker Base
  • You can create healthier meals

Here is what customers who bought this cookware set had to say on Amazon:

“I think I am going to love this cookware. I have used it but three times and following the instructions, with my own recipes, meats were cooked to perfection. The veggies do cook in a vapor seal, be careful on your cook times with this…the vacuum created would not let me remove the lid from 2.3 qt casserole I used on my electric cooktop. Reheating to temp allowed me to remove the lid easily. READING the instructions is a must with this new kind of cooking…clean up was a breeze…I used barkeeper’s friend with a sponge. 360cookware website also provides recipes and cooking instructions….in researching the different sets available I’ve notice that they do not come with smaller pots, like 1 quart. For this cookware to work properly the pans should be filled 2/3’s with food. As I am now only cooking for two, I will mostly be using smaller sized pots. I will probably supplement this set with some small sauté and sauce pots. This cookware will outlive me, new couples should consider this investment…I will also add that this cookware is replacing my All-Clad (Every piece is warped and will not sit flat on stovetop) and 360 is heavier than the all-clad.”

* * * *

“Extremely sturdy and reliable! Top notch cookware you will enjoy. Worth the money.”

You know you want it! Click here to buy this cookware set on Amazon:

* * * *


360 Cookware Stainless Steel Cookware Set, 6-piece, w/ Cookbook Included


 This stainless steel set has cladded 3 ply construction w/110 gauge thickness

  • Vapor Cooking
  • Cook without the use of water or oil
  • O’List Feature Cookbook Included
  • Oprah’s Favorite Things 2015 Featured Item

What happy customers from Amazon said about these stainless steel kitchen pots and pans:

“My girlfriend and I recently got this set from 360. It took us a couple of tries to get the vapor seal right, but we’ve been loving this set ever since. The pots are really well made and you can cook meats and veggies together in one pot. It comes out really evenly cooked and tasting great. Our cleanup after cooking has become less and we’re even buying less grocery items like oils, seasonings, etc. Definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys cooking – it’s a really good starter set for getting introduced to 360’s method.”

* * * *

Best pots I have ever owned and well worth the price. They are extremely durable and look to be made from high quality stainless steel which allows for even heating/cooking. Definitely a set of cookware that I know will last and be in my collection for many years to come. If you are in the market for new pots I would highly recommend this product. Also, I could see this being a great gift idea for any new homeowner or cook!

* * * *

“This set has been a great addition to my kitchen! So far the cookware has proved to be easy to use and I love the way our meals have turned out. I would recommend 360 Cookware to anyone looking to stock their kitchen with high quality pots and pans, and can’t wait to keep growing my collection in the future.”

What about you? Are you ready to acquire your great set of 360 Cookware from Amazon? Click here.  Visit links above for the larger sets:

360 Cookware Premium Stainless Steel 5 Piece Bakeware Set        

If you are looking for the same 360 quality in Bakeware, here it is!

Cladded 3 ply construction

  • Even heating
  • Saves time in the kitchen
  • Saves energy
  • Last set of bakeware you will every purchase

Click here to buy this high quality bakeware on Amazon:

* * * * *

 Here’s yet another option in cookware:

Heavy-gauge aluminum construction ensures even heating and is hard-anodized for durability. It also makes it dishwasher-safe.
  •  The interior includes three layers of nonstick coating – two layers provide durability and the third layer offers easy release performance.
  • The long, brushed stainless steel handles are designed to stay cool on the stovetop. Pans and covers are also oven safe, making it ideal for finishing a gourmet dish.
  • This set includes includes 10- and 12-inch omelette pans, 1 1/2- and 2 1/2-quart sauce pans with lids, 3-quart saute pan with lid, and 8-quart stock pot with lid.
  • The nonstick surface means you can cook healthier using less fat, with effortless cleanup. Comes with Calphalon’s full lifetime warranty.

Here are a few reviews from Amazon customers:

“The 12in skillet dominated my stove stop cooking for the last 5 years. And it has finally given up! The nonstick is all gone now and the pot has finished its long life. I am very satisfied with this pan, even though it gave up the ghost eventually, I got years of solid use out of it! I would suggest this to anyone, just know it will not last forever.”

“Good pans, with good non-stick coatings. I’ve been using Calphalon Non-Stick pans for at least a dozen years, and though they don’t have the durability of the older-style anodized aluminum (not “non-stick”) cookware, they hold up as well as any of the other leading brands. This 2-pan promotional package used to be available in the superior “Unison” line, but now I can only find it in the lighter “Contemporary” line. (For example, the 10-inch skillet in the Unison line that I’m retiring after about 2 years of regular use weighed 2 pounds, 9.2 ounces, while the same size skillet in the Contemporary line weighs 2 pounds, 2.9 ounces, and the finish on the handle lacks the same level of quality). It’s still a good pan, but the lighter weight means that it won’t retain heat as well, and thus won’t cook as consistently on the intermittently-firing elements of my glass stove top. It is a good value for the money – the 12 inch skillet this is replacing is an All-Clad non-stick pan at more than double the price, and its life expectancy was no better.”

These types of pots and pans are cheaper that a good stainless steel set, but you need to weight the options.

Click here to buy this product on Amazon:

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Maxam KT17 17-Piece 9-Element Surgical-Stainless-Steel Waterless Cookware Set                              

Take home this 17 piece collection of one of the highest quality Steam Control waterless cookware sets on the market today

  • The Maxam 9-Element 17 Piece Waterless Cookware set features extra-heavy stainless steel construction, so durable it will last a lifetime
  • Steam Control valves make waterless cooking easy, and the 9-element construction spreads heat quickly and evenly, allowing one to stack cook
  • Features mirror finish exterior, satin finish interior, and superbly styled handles that are resistant to heat, cold, and detergents
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Very happy customer who bought Maxam KT17:

I had a Townecraft home demonstation and thought it was wonderful. The salesman was great and really made me excited. Then came the price. I’ve bought cars for less than that! I started looking around for that same brand on auction sites and found it 1/2 the price, but still very expensive. I went to the waterless cookware site and decided to give Maxam 9 a shot. It took 2 months to get, but the pans are good heavy quality, very easy to clean, and keep the food moist. Waterless cooking, however, takes patience to get right and you are likely to burn some meals if you stick to the time guidelines in the book. I’ve had them for about two monts now and finally got rid of all of the old teflon and rusty pans…they aren’t coming back. I’ve cooked with the Townecraft pans before and you aren’t going to see enough of a difference to warrant 6-8 times the price. Maxam 9 (World’s Finest) is almost as good and won’t kill your budget. As Zig Ziglar says “It’s easier to justify cost once, than apologize for quality forever” The price is more than what you are going to pay in WalMart, but the cost over a lifetime will be much, much lower because you won’t buy pans again.

Click here to buy Maxam KT17 Cookware on Amazon

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Stainless Steel Measuring Cups 6 Piece Stackable Set with FREE Magnetic Measurement Conversions Chart | Only from Indigo True Company  

Stainless steel measuring cups - 6

Stainless steel measuring cups – 6

Click here to buy these stainless steel measuring cups from Amazon

* * * *

9 Piece Stainless Steel Kitchen Utensils Sets Metal Cooking Tools – Spatula, Soup Ladle, Spoon, Slotted Spatula, Skimmer, Rice Spoon, Spaghetti Spoon, Turner, Meat Fork.

These popular Kitchen Utensils are  a must have for budding cooks and chefs of any skill level. As well as being designed for durability and longevity it is FDA Approved. Each utensil has a useful hanger hole in its handle to allow for storage on a rack or hooks.

  • Each tool is stainless steel cooking utensils sets, measures approximately 14-inch long, has a hole in the handle that allows for hanging and is dishwasher safe.


Stainless Steel Utensils

Stainless Steel Utensils


Designed for a Professional Chef

Designed for a Professional Chef

Click here to buy these stainless steel utensils on Amazon:



I hope you enjoyed reviewing this really great selection of cookware! I’m sure you will shop and select just the right set for YOUR kitchen.  Watch for more coming here  here!

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